From the beginning, playing video games has been one of the favorite pastimes of many people. There are various types of games found in the market. Some are war games, some are action games and some are magic related games. Most of the gamers like thrilling games where you have to kill ghosts and save people from black magic. Dead Rising 2 is the game that gamers have been waiting for.

It has got both thrills of evil ghosts and action and you are supposed to kill them with various weapons in this game. If you are afraid of ghosts with ferocious face then you should play Dead Rising 2. On this regard this game is not just good, it is too good. In fact you will feel like you need to get out of it right away. Do not be worried about them; they are just some characters in the game. So do not think go to the video games store and grab your copy now.


Dead Rising 2 was developed by the joint project of Capcom which is an Osaka based video game developer and Blue Castle which is a third party game developer.


According to the genre Dead Rising 2 is an action role playing game.


The platforms of Dead Rising 2 include PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft windows. So you can play this game by using any of the device or operating system. The game is available in blue-ray discs, DVDs and also can be downloaded digitally. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your copy today.


In Dead Rising 2 you will have to put on a leather jacket. Because the character you will play with is a Chuck Greene. Once upon a time he was a motocross superstar. Now you can imagine that he rides hard. But here chuck is our hero whose wife was guzzled up by the zombies long time ago. From the same incident his loving daughter was infected, but with the help of a daily dose of a vaccine called Zombrex she keeps the virus at bay.

In the game our dude Chuck is one of the contestants on a TV show called Terror is Reality. Here in the show, the undead were knocked off by the contestants for bucks. Well just after a show there's a mini-zombie who was uprising, Chuck was framed for this one, as a result a group of survivors hole-up in the safe house of fortune city. They were waiting for a rescue just in next three days. Now Chuck has to clear his name and get the meds for his daughter and slay the psychopaths to save the surviving people before the army men rolls in here to clean up all the mess.

Do you think you are familiar with the story? It is because you have played the original Dead Rising. But remember this is Dead Rising 2. Here you do not have to babysit the survivors group because it seems that the Zombies are now focusing on Chuck. After a big moment you are asked by the game to save if you want. You will get a lot of save slots.

You will have no complaints about the game for sure. So start the engine and enjoy the game.

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