Fishing is an important source of income for millions of people all over the world. There are various kinds of fish that these people catch. Some of the great fish that are very expensive are shark meat, whale meat, tuna, mackerel and others. The caviar or fish eggs are a very expensive dish and are a delicacy. There are people from all over the world who are very interested in eating fish.

Fish is considered to be the healthiest of all meat kinds. The reason is that it has certain compounds that will be able to help in increasing the good cholesterol in the body and also help to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. Other than this, the person who consumes fish can also have reduced risks of heart attacks. As the demand for fish all over the world increases because of the fact that it is good for health, the amount of fish that are being caught all over the world is on the rise. This has resulted in over fishing.

The over fishing should be prevented at all costs and here are some methods that will help in preventing over fishing.

1. Breeding season fishing ban:

The governments of the countries where fishing is rampant should ban the fishermen from going out during the breeding season. There is a particular time of the year during which the female fish have loads of eggs and as they lay the eggs, they are able to breed in large numbers. The fishermen try to use this season to the maximum benefit to get caviar as it brings them more money than the fish. To prevent this, the government should ban all fishermen from venturing out to sea. This could be for a period of one month. When this happens, the number of fish will be replenished and the dangers of over fishing will be reduced.

2. Use of methods that will save young fish:

Similar to a ban in the fishing during the breeding season, there are other methods that can be used to save the young fish. This includes using larger nets with bigger holes so that the fishermen are able to catch the fish that are of a particular size and the young ones that are small can escape through the nets. This is one of the main methods that can be used in preventing over fishing.

3. Educating fishermen:

There are many fishermen who are ignorant of the causes of overfishing and the consequences. These fishermen should be educated on the problems associated with overfishing. They should be told that though they are able to fish a lot, if they indulge in over fishing, then they may have a lot on the short term, but when they think of the long term, they will only lose out on a lot of money. This education when given to all the fishermen will help them in preventing over fishing and help to reduce this problem.

4. Fish farming:

Some of the other methods that can help to reduce over fishing is to give the option to the fishermen to try fish farming on the edges of the seas. This is a better option than the actual fishing.

These are the various methods of preventing over fishing in the high seas.

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