The various cultures and religions in Pittsburgh

There are various cultures and also religions that are prevalent in this city of Pittsburgh. The reason for the different religions and also the different cultures is the various groups of people living in this city. There are various ethnic groups in the city and these people bring in to the city their own culture and also traditions. They bring in their own religion too. All these have made the city into a place that has a lot of cultures and religions that are varied in nature. In fact such wide variations are not seen in many cities, but the background of the people in Pittsburgh varies and so does their religion and culture.

What are there various cultures and religions seen in Pittsburgh?

Christianity is the most common religion that is seen in Pittsburgh. There are also a lot of people who do not believe in God and this group is also quite a large group. The numbers of people who go to churches are far more than the number going to other places of worship. In fact there are different denominations in the Christians like the Baptists, the Zion church and a variety of these churches. On the other hand, there are very few other places of worship. There are also a few Jewish people and there are synagogues in the city. This varied religion adds to the cultural diversity.

The diverse culture and the effect

When people of various cultures come to the country, the culture changes slowly. This happens in all cultures due to the influx of people from other cultures. In any progressive society, the new people who joined the community are welcomed and are included. As this inclusion in the society happens, the various cultural habits of the person from the new person are also disseminated into the existing community. Some of these practices are accepted and become normal custom. This is the role played by the diverse culture on Pittsburgh, which is being strengthened by the diversity. This slowly builds a new culture in the place of the existing culture.

Strife due to variations in the Cultures & religions

The chance of strife is always there in any society because of various differences in the society. The differences may also exist in the social class, the employment and earning potential other than in the culture and the religion. These variations in the culture and the religion can cause some adjustment problems for the new comer and at times the existing people may also have some discontent if the new person is very well off. This usually does not happen in a very progressive society. In spite of this, the people have to be vigilant and careful to avoid strife.

The cultural barriers in Pittsburgh

There are a few cultural barriers in spite of the city being very tolerant. The natural resistance of people to get to know each other unless they are in a peer group has held back many people from breaking down the various cultural barriers that are present. As there are many people from diverse cultures, there are a few barriers in terms of relationships and also the because of the language of the individuals. All these barriers are still present and at times, they are on the decline. These cultural barriers prevent people from becoming friendlier with each other ands also makes each other view the other person warily.

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