Any Western tourist can have a culture shock on traveling to India for the first time. There are many reasons for the cultural shock that the person might get on landing in India. The rich and varied culture that India has is very unique and may not be seen in most other parts of the world. The colorful traditions including the clothing worn by the men and women that changes in style from state to state and even from place to place is a great aspect of the culture. All these are the main things that cause the cultural shock that tourists visiting India will get.

1. Slums:

India is one place where there are many big business buildings that are present in some of the bigger cities. At the same time, there are also many slums that are present in the cities. The wide variation in the difference between the rich and the poor in the same place makes it a great cultural shock for the people of the country. Though the government has spent crores of rupees on various slum clearance boards and has also started providing proper houses to the people living in the various slums around the country, it is still a long way away from providing housing to all the people living in various slums across the country.

2. Living conditions:

The changes and the variations in the living conditions are another cultural shock for the people in the other countries who travel to India and visit the country. There are great places where people can live in India with all the luxuries of life and at the same time, there are other places in the country where the person will have to live without even the basic necessities of life. This is a contrast to most countries where even the under privileged in life have at least the basic things needed in life.

3. Society and the variations:

There are many variations in the society of the county and also from the other developed societies. The Indian society is more conservative and the people of the country are conservative in many respects. The marriages are usually arranged by the parents of the male and the female and this is a great cultural difference between other countries and the culture of India.

4. Diversity:

Another important cultural shock that is in store for the people from other countries who visit India for the first time is the diverse cultures that are present in the country. This is what makes the country attractive to the people coming to India from other countries. The diverse culture of the people is evident from the fact that there are different languages that are spoken in the various states of India. Other than the language, the lifestyle of the people also varies from one place to another and this is another cultural shock for the traveler.

These are the different kinds of changes in people that causes a pleasant cultural shock to a first time traveler to India.

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