Driving to the mall, looking for a parking spot and queuing up to purchase a contact lens has been a thing of the past. Recently, online contact lens shop has hit the internet world by storm. It seems like it was only yesterday when you can only buy contact lens online from bloggers or a merchant from a social network, which has low security level on private data and slow in terms of service. Today, professional online contact lens websites has grown all over the internet and one that has caught the attention of many is My-contactlens.com.
Based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, My-contactlens.com is known to be an established worldwide supplier of many leading contact lens brands such as Geo, Acuvue, Freshkon, Freshlook, ColourVue and many more. Only being in the business in less than a year, My-contactlens.com has already earned the trust of many contact lens users all over the world. Online shoppers from many parts of the world said that My-contactlens.com stands out from the other Online Contact Lens Shop because of their good customer service, better price deals and fast delivery.
What actually made My-contactlens.com a successful online shop is actually their professionalism which was portrayed brilliantly on their website. The layout of their website is so well designed and easy to use which made online shopping a simple thing to do. My-contactlens.com has also put an effort to make posting an enquiry or simply asking a question to their support an easy task which builds up their communication level with their customer. If you want to send an email to ask them a question to their support, there is an enquiry form is located in the contact us page, If you have no time to wait, you can also ask a question to their online support via live chatting and if you are too shy to chat for some reason, you can also communicate with them via social networking on Facebook or Twitter. As I mentioned earlier in this article, purchasing online from a blog or a social network has a few trusting issue and customers needs a professional company to provide them security in their online purchase, My-contactlens.com gave them just that.
My-contactlens.com also provides contact lens free tips and tricks and updates on their products on their Facebook fan page and Twitter page. Not only that, contact lens lovers from all over the world are able to share their thoughts and love for contact lenses on their Facebook fan page. Being active with social networking also boosted their communications with their customers which earns them the trust from their customers.
With a good customer service, good price deals and good professionalism, My-contactlens.com has been a hot topic among contact lens lovers. For those online contact lens lovers out there this would be a highly recommended website.

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