Common wealth games - This time India is hosting such big event though it seems to be a big challenge for a developing country like India. Government has done a lot to make it a big and successful event by making special arrangement. Though work has still not completed but with a good and straight vision Delhi Government has taken some good steps like bed and breakfast schemes also took initiative in making new and big hotels in Delhi. Special lane on roads for Common wealth games participants and delegates is good job this wont affect their movement on time. All the institutes colleges schools are closed during Common wealth games. Most of Delhi people are going on vacations. Goa hotels and resorts are already sold out during common wealth games if you are also planning then you must look for some good options available. All locations nearby Delhi are already sold out but due to very heavy rains in northern region of India most people cancelled their trips.

Media is also doing well for this event by promoting and making people aware about Common Wealth Games. Its good time for outing as maximum number of industries are closed during Common Wealth Games. Even i planned for a holiday near Delhi, i planned to go to Nainital this time as my travel planner ( gave me a good option but some how floods in Uttarakhand made me change my plan as all roads to Uttrakhand are blocked / flooded. With very long jams on highways. But still i wish if i could go there. Also this time outbound travels also broke all records as maximum travelers planned vacation outside India.

Delhi is getting beautiful because Government is making special arrangement for welcome of foreign players and delegates. Specially the area nearby Common Wealth Games village. Stadium is also very beautifully developed. This all will surely makes a good impression on the guest coming ti India. India has done great job by hosting Common Wealth Games, also the participants had goos chance to explore India where they can cover places like Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, Uttarakhand

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