As soon as you read the topic, you might be thinking as to why a husband and wife who do not love each other stay together. There are many reasons of this. One of the reasons could be for the sake of the children. They may not like each other and may have differences between them, but they stay together for the sake of their children. There are some other couples who may stay together for the sake of their career. There are many reasons that make people who do not love each other to live together. Usually these kinds of couples ignore each other in their home and live their own life to the maximum, but when they live together under the same roof, there are times when a volcano erupts between them.

The various reasons that will make the husband and wife fight are as follows:

1. Taking care of the child:

The husband and the wife may be having fights to decide on who will be taking care of the child. The fact that the needs and care of the child are many makes it difficult for even parents who are bonded to take care of them. When a couple has nearly split, then it is all the more difficult for them to take care of all the needs of the child and this can be a major reason for their fights.

2. Their extra marital affairs:

There is sure to be other affairs that the spouse knows about. If the couple have not had a good relation with each other for a long time and are living together without divorcing for some reason, they are sure to have extra marital affairs. His can be a bone of contention between the couple as they can still be jealous of the other person because it is normal human nature.

3. Financial matters:

When the couple is all but living as husband and wife, there is sure to be fights between them for various financial matters. The fact that they are living together makes them need to share their bills and also actually pay the bills. The reason for the fights between them could be because they are not able to pay their bills on time because they are too busy or it also could be because they are not earning enough to pay off all the bills that they need to pay.

4. Family reasons:

There are many people who live together for the sake of their extended family, especially in conservative families and this extended family for which they are putting up with each other may again be the reason for their fights. When the family is extended and many people talk and give their opinions, there can be fights between the couple.

These are some of the major reasons that can cause fights between the couple who are already on the verge of splitting or have split and are living together for some reason or other.

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