If you are considering hiring a bulk article writing service, you need to consider the positives and negative of such. A professional writing service can do all of the hard work of putting together content based on chosen keywords; however, are they offering you a quality writing service or just cheap writing services? Prior to using a bulk article writing service, take a look at some common mistakes that they can make so that you know which companies to avoid.

Keyword Jamming:

The biggest mistake of a bulk article writing service is that they will jam keywords into an article that are not necessary. Keywords that are particular to your site or niche are needed in the articles; however, some cheap writing services will use them too much or not place them properly. This results in Google punishing the article as being too content heavy and will not rank it as high in search results as those articles without keywords jammed within.

Make sure if you use a bulk article writing service that the articles that you receive flow naturally. The keywords should not stand out to the reader too much. The main point of keyword placement is for search engines to be able to read and rank the article.

An article that keeps repeating the same keyword over and over will turn a reader off. This results in "bounces" (people leaving your website after clicking on only one page) which Google will use to determine that your site is not relevant to that keyword. This means that the article will actually hurt your SEO as opposed to helping it.

Different Writing Styles:

When you use cheap writing services you will find that you often receive different writing styles for a batch of articles on the same topic. This is because a bulk article writing service employs dozens of different writers and will often split up your order among many different writers. Their goal is to turn the articles back to you as soon as possible so that they can receive payment, but they do not realize that different writing styles can hurt your website.

If you run a website with buyer guides for different products, you want each guide to flow in a similar manner. When they do not, your readers will be confused when going from page to page and soon end up on your competitor's website that did not use a bulk article writing service.

Many cheap writing services do not take the time to consider your audience when writing your articles. This is why you need to either go with a more personal article writing service or ask them to assign the articles to a single writer. You will wait longer to receive the final product, but you will receive articles that flow in the same manner.

Article Fluff:

When you purchase articles from a bulk article writing service, they will usually charge you by the number of words. When a writer cannot come up with enough words to complete the article, they will fill the article with "fluff."

Article fluff usually takes the form of adding prepositional phrases to complete sentences. An example of how an article can tend to drag on with fluff by using prepositional phrases can be demonstrated within this sentence which tends to drag on a little more than expected since it is being written for the purpose of showing you how fluff can be placed into an article.

Fluff is used to fill space and the majority of fluff is neither relevant to the article nor beneficial to SEO. As such, make sure to send back any article that a bulk article writing service sends you that contains fluff. Make sure that you do not confuse fluff with regular content. You will know fluff when you see it.

Useful Information:

Finally, a bulk article writing service will often be so concentrated on completing your order that they do not put enough useful information into the article to satisfy potential readers. For instance, an article may be written about the topic you are looking for; however, it does not contain anything interesting enough to make a reader go past the first paragraph.

Articles need to contain useful and interesting information. Again, if a reader comes to your website based on the article but clicks off before going to a second or third page within your site, Google will punish you for that keyword as their algorithm will determine that your site is not that relevant to the particular keyword (as they see that people are leaving your site and going elsewhere for that keyword).

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