If someone is not into cold weather and an Antarctica voyage is about to take place then it would not make this person the best person to ask to go on the trip but one woman actually decided to travel here twice. For this woman, another opportunity to go back is desirable. This was the coldest continent on earth and the lady was aware of it. Actually, what made her decide on this matter is her goal of being one of the few people who ever tried this out.

She had a stint with scientists in 1988 when she became part of their support crew 825 miles from the South Pole at McMurdo Station on the Ross Ice Shelf. What was referred to as a general field assistant, which she was, is a go for. Written by the National Science Foundation was Survival in Antarctica which she needed to read. Part of her preparation included shots and an extensive physical exam. Much value is given to such things for no medical treatment is accessible there.

Getting medical treatment is a matter of being flown out of the area with a helicopter in which the government will be incurring a heft cost not to mention other people being put in harm's way. There is an outdoor survival school that will be expecting her when she comes to Antarctica. Making emergency sleeping shelters for when she is far from the base will be taught as well as how to recognize a crevasse field.

Using a covered path the bathroom with four lavatories and two showers were led on from the tent. Posted on the door was a sign telling them to only have one two minute shower per week. Toilets are to be flushed when needed. The absence of a new notice means this stands. Extinguishing fires at the station is their main reason for this. When in sub zero temperatures the regularly used equipment became susceptible to mechanical problems especially those at the water plant.

It is important to have water when this happens. But they made sure that water was available for cooking food and to use for drinking. Still, water for other purposes including toilets, showers, and even laundry were all limited.

Making calls cannot be done without any plans made in advance. Before a call could be made there is a waiting list because air waves can easily be affected by the weather so you really need to wait. Ham radio operators were generally part of the communications link.

Probably the hardest part of what they had to endure was the cold weather. When it was October through December, during the summer, the temperature would be at 32 degrees. As January arrives, temperatures will change again. Diaries were used for her records of any temperature changes.

Should the weather call for it, working may be done in pairs. Weather can easily affect outdoor travel. This is forbidden in extremely harsh weather conditions. The forced isolation taught her a lot about herself. What resulted were changes. Antarctica made her realize that she was an overconfident person. Now she knows that there are a lot of things that are out of her control. She does not worry excessively over many things now.

There's something about that continent. You will be at a loss for words when you are able to participate in a trip to somewhere only a few have reached. Still, man has been to almost every area possible. Man has gone to the rivers, mountains, and even in the timber.

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