Speracedes is a village slightly off the beaten track but actually quite central, just to the east of Grasse in the direction of Draguignon south of Cabris. It has evidence that it was a Roman settlement but history indicated that the site of the villages was inhabited even earlier than Roman times, due to the burial mounds and other artifacts that have been found locally. Speracedes is located on a hill, with great views and is surrounded by cypress and olive trees in typical Provencal Mediterranean fashion.

Located 25 km's north of Cannes, visitors to the area have the option of dipping in and out of one of the great resorts of the world. The village itself has always considered Cabris as its rival so they claim it is situated on the drive down from Cabris, whereas the Cabris inhabitants look down on those from Speracedes.

In 1840, to be able to be called a municipality in France it was necessary to have a church built, hence the pink church which can still be admired today was built and Speracedes came into official existence. The best view is from the Speracedes Cross which offers a magnificent 360 degree panorama ranging down to Cannes and across to the Isle de Lerins in the south, to the Esterel Hills to the east, where you can also see Lac St Cassien and around to the Alps to the north. All around are olive trees, which as you would expect in Provence, makes up a good part of the local agricultural produce, along with vines and the production of the excellent Provencal rose wines. Indeed the wonderful 11 metre oil mill wheel is worth a look, an astonishing piece of early engineering which is still visible today. Other places to see are some of the old hill forts, and some prehistoric caves which provide further evidence that Speracedes was inhabited from ancient times.

The main attractions for the more energetic visitor are the hiking opportunities locally, where great views can be seem from the hills around the village. There are also the inevitable boules, but probably the favourite pass time is to sit in a leafy square on a warm evening and sip pastis or rose with the locals. If you happen to be her in January, you will experience the mimosa, a lovely shrub whose yellow flowers light up the hillsides especially further south nearer the coast. January also sees the village feats of St Antoine, but the feast of Holy Cross in July attracts more people when the weather is a little warmer.

For those that like to explore, there are several villages worth a visit within a few kilometres, and Grasse is just 7 km's distant, with its history of perfume making still alive and well today, in fact there are several perfume tours you can take in Grasse which will explain the perfume production process.

Staying in there is very possible, although good hotels are a little scarce. Most people visiting tend to look to rent a private holiday villa as there are many available and several companies which will look for the perfect holiday destination for you. Private villas often have great views and private swimming pools, which is just the job after a hard day hiking exploring or drinking or even lunching!

To get to Speracedes you will require a car. Public transport has not really reached much of Provence yet, apart from sporadic buses (which are very cheap). It is not far from Junction 42 the Mougins turn off of theA8 motorway and Nice airport is just 25 minutes drive away. From Nice there are flights to and from a number of destinations in Europe, ranging from seven or eight places in the UK to many parts of Europe and France, and even across the pond to New York and Montreal.

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