Cochin or Kochi as it is known now is a place that is one of the most lovable cities in God's own country. The land is scenic and there are also many places to visit in this city. Cochin is famous like most other parts of Kerala for the many backwaters and ferrying from one place to another is a common mode of transport. For people from land locked places, even this could be a great entertainment, which is part of the daily routine for the people of Kerala.

There are many places to visit in Kochi and they are listed here:

Bolghatty Palace: This palace is on an island and was built during the Dutch stay there. It is a must visit palace, if you love historic places. The palace can be reached by a ferry that is arranged by the tourism industry and there are regular services for all the tourists who are keen to visit the palace.

Jewish synagogue: Though the Jewish community in Kochi is dwindling, this synagogue is a testament to the community that had a strong presence in the early parts of the last century. The synagogue is a heritage left behind by the Jews who were thriving in Kochi.

Chinese fishing nets:
For those people who have not seen Chinese fishing nets anywhere else, this is a feast to watch. The fishing nets show the method of catching the fish in a unique way. Though you would be lucky to visit the place when the fish are being caught, even the look of the fishing nets makes one wonder at the idea behind these nets.

Architecture: Cochin and the surrounding places have a amazing number of monuments, churches and palaces that are built in different styles. There are some famous churches and basilicas other than the palaces and synagogues. These include the St. Franscis Church and the Santa Cruz Basilica church that were built by the Portugese. These churches are a testament to the Portugese presence too

Other places near Kochi: Kumarakom is a place that is best known for the retreat from all kinds of civilization, when you are able to commune with the nature that surrounds you. It is a well known bird sanctuary and is a famous place as many people visit the place for a relaxing and stress free holiday. You do not need to rush around and are far away from the hustle and bustle of other tourist destinations. You can become a part of the nature that surrounds you in this amazing place. The place is about 88 km's from Cochin and you can drive down to this place.

The fact that there are remnants of art and architecture of the Portugese, Dutch, Jewish and the local people in Cochin gives this city a unique aura. Every tourist who visits India must have this historical place on their itinerary. There are also some carnivals and boat races that are conducted each year. You can plan your visit to coincide with these events and you will have a great tale to tell!

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