Have you ever been scared to walk home late at night or felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up from every little noise you heard? You shouldn't have to live in fear and that is why Captain Chris has designed Close Combat Training. Captain Chris is the world's leading expert in self defense tactics and the Close Combat Training DVD's highlight his incredible secrets for keeping safe. One of Captain Chris' most effective methods is scenario training, as it mimics the real world.

In Close Combat Training there are two ways to learn scenario training; one way is to simply walk through small scenarios that only touch on one point in potential conflict and the other is full play. Full play scenarios allow you more time to utilize your tactics, which is more likely to happen in a real life, says Captain Chris.

• Small Scenarios: This Close Combat Training method assumes that you have already learned how to escape from an attacker's grab from behind. Start by standing in the middle of a room and having your partner grip you from behind. After he/she comes from behind, you can start trying to escape, just forewarn the pretend attacker that they shouldn't give up, as that is unlikely to happen in real life. You might to employ a male attacker or someone that is slightly physically bigger than you. Therefore, you can learn how to defeat attackers exclusive of their size or physical capability.

• Full Play Scenarios: This Close Combat Training method should take place in a park or during a walk. However, you might to warn passerbys what you are doing, as they might mistake this method for a real attack. At some point during this walk or run your partner should come up from behind and grab you. You can even encourage them to jump out of a hiding spot, this way you are somewhat shocked. Again, try to fight off the attacker and encourage them to utilize all their body strength. Eventually you will get stronger and be able to tackle your opponent.

People all across the world are reaping the benefits of the innovative self defense program Close Combat Training. "I am writing to express my gratitude for the regular e-mail and motivating information which Captain Chris sent me regularly. I found the whole learning program excellent, easy to understand, very well presented and provocative; more than this I am feeling proud and motivated since have embarked on such a difficult but exciting journey and always struggle to rise my level of competency in this field," says Dorin Matal of the United Kingdom.

Scenario training is highly effective and a convenient part of Close Combat Training, as you can practice in your home, office or outside. "How much scenario training you do will be determined by your overall motivation to stay safe in every area of your life. The more you train, the safer you will be," says Captain Chris.

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