A team is very important in any company or an organization. There are various teams that function in any job. There is usually a team leader and the team members who function as a cohesive unit to make the job to be successful. There are certain criteria that should be present in an individual to be selected as part of the team. The criteria are as follows:

1. A real interest in the job, not just the money. Field workers will often work long and hard hours. They are more likely to continue in a project if they possess vision and enthusiasm. If they are just after the money, they will soon leave for greener pastures and will not be committed to the work.

2. A willingness to learn. It is better to have people who know little but want to know more, than those who believe they know everything. This is especially true of people who have been working in institutions. They will need careful retraining and reorientation into the very different kinds of jobs that they have to be able to complete when they start a new job.

3. A readiness to take on any job. Team members must be ready to take on any activity, ranging from the use of skills to other seemingly menial tasks. They must also be ready to take the initiative and not be prodded by the team leader to take the next step.

4. A respect and appreciation for the work. Unless you respect and love the work that you are doing, you will not be interested in the job. To avoid this, the selection process should be right to select the right people.

5. An ability to work as part of a team. This includes appreciating colleagues from different districts of the country, religions and tribes. It means being slow to become angry and being quick to forgive. Angry words in the team can destroy weeks of work. Hidden anger against a colleague can ruin team relationships.

6. Good health. Strong physical and mental health is important for many jobs. However, people with less good health may be given appropriate tasks. This depends on the type of job that you are called upon to do. There are many jobs that can be completed with very little effort and so health may not play a prominent role in this.

7. A balanced team
. Teams will need a balance of those who have gifts in vision, ideas and networking (the ideas person), those able to find common ground and solve disputes (the smoother) and those who are methodical and able to complete tasks efficiently (the finisher). Each will need to recognize and respect the other's gifts and different approaches. This kind of a team will be complete in all respects and will be able to work effectively.

These are some of the most important aspects of a team. These attributes or characteristics of the individual should be identified early enough for the individual to fit into the team or go out of the team. The attributes listed here, if present, will make the person to fit in and be one of the best team players.

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