During the 18th century general physicians in France used to prescribe chocolate to their patients usually women to cure their broken heart. The very essence of chocolate lies in the fact that it is taken as a symbol of love and care which is why it has become a cure for a broken heart. On Valentine's Day it is customary to give a box of chocolate to your loved ones with a greeting card and flowers. Chocolate is equally famous in children who like to have it either in their sweets or maybe as a whole candy bar. This confection is associated with children so much that during World War 2 American soldiers used to distribute chocolates among children in Europe when they passed their towns and used it to increase their morale when in sticky situations.

Chocolate is made from cocoa which is being cultivated by the Mexicans for over three millenniums. It is grown primarily in South America. Chocolate is eaten in different forms. Most of the time, it is served as a whole bar or in sweets. People and chefs try it in many recipes including cakes, pastry and other confectionaries.

Chocolate festivals are also celebrated in many parts of the world. For instance, in Turin Italy there is a festival that celebrates every thing that relates to chocolate called Cioccolatò. Even though this festival is celebrated all over the world but its primary focus is on the Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Experts from all over the world used to come to Italy for the celebrations. However, currently only chocolates produced locally are allowed to enter the festival. Another chocolate related festival is famous in Geneva Switzerland. The Versoix Chocolate Festival is the spring festival that is free and is primarily focused to bring innovation in chocolate making. It introduces different themes and the themes in recent festivals makes the festivals a must watch. Last time it was astronomy and whole planets which were created by the participants from chocolates.

Chocolate is considered a medication as numerous studies have shown that eating chocolate causes series of reactions that triggers the body to "feel good" emotion in the brain. While experts in Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, California discovered that the effects of eating a chocolate are identical to that of using marijuana. Chocolate also consists of the caffeine and the phenlethyamine. These substances cause the endorphin in the brains to cause a reaction of happiness and joy in humans. Endorphin is neurotransmitter in the brain.

Chocolate is also considered as a healthy food by doctors as they have a lot of antioxidants.These antioxidants are helpful in protecting arteries by preventing plaque to build up. Infact chocolates have more antioxidant properties than tea or apples! Chocolate is also a helpful source of magnesium, iron and zinc. According to another study regular consumption of chocolate by elderly women helps them live longer.

Chocolate are helpful only if there are taken in regular and appropriate amount. "Too much of good thing is not good" hold true for chocolate. If eaten more, it causes obesity and also diabetes in some users. As much as 25 grams of chocolate per day is best to avoid fat piling in your body while enjoying the health benefits it offer.

Not only healthy food item and favorite festival, chocolate has been the focus of many books. One of the most famous book related to chocolate subject is written by Roald Dhal "Charlie and the chocolate factory" in which the chocolate has been portrayed and described in such a magnificent manner that apart from being a classic it is considered as a must read by chocolate lovers. I am sure if any one of you doesn't like chocolate, they will start loving it after reading the book.

Chocolate has always delighted us in many ways whether in taste or amazement and men and women of almost all ages uses it. Chocolate given in a gift or purchased from the market, eaten in cake or taken in a bar has always delighted us on its each and every bite. One should always savor it when eating it bite by bite, bit by bit, as it causes us to enjoy the sweetness as it is.

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