China is one of the most beautiful countries and is the one of the largest in the entire world. Travelling to China is one of the most beautiful experiences which is like a treasure box which unfolds the hidden secrets of the world's oldest civilizations. The diverse culture, deep history and the rich heritage of this country easily attracts the visitors from all over the globe. This beautiful country is the world greatest travel destinations. China is the third largest country in the entire world which is dotted with myriad tourist attractions and fabulous destinations. This amazing country truly offers endless cultural treasures with lots of memories that are unforgettable for a lifetime.

China is speckled with more than 99 cities which are famous for historical culture and cultural cities. UNESCO has recognized nineteen sights in this country as as world natural and cultural heritages. This country celebrates more than 40 colourful festivals and they are celebrated by various groups. Some of the famous attractions and destinations to explore in this country with any China tour package are listed below:

Great Wall of China: This one of the most popular destinations in this country as you travels to China with any package. The Great Wall of China holds much historical value to the country. This was built more than two thousands years old ago; this is built around specific territories for protections from enemy. Great Wall of China is truly masterpiece and most awe-inspiring that truly tempts the visitors not which may never want to escape their eyes from. The Great Wall of China is the most amazing tourist attraction to visit and explore and truly a not to be missed. The beauty of the walls enhances the beauty of China Tourism.

Beijing: Beijing is the capital city of China and is truly the most sought after tourist destination in this country. Lovingly this city is identified as the temple of heaven and is one of the most fabulous destinations to visit in China. The lovely skyscrapers, this city reveals the best of modern China. The vibrant nightlife, tea house theatres, magnificent restaurants, numerous bars and pubs offer magical vacations. Apart from all these there are many other attractions which lure many attractions from all over the globe. Splendid temples, forts and unpolluted park lands easily attract and invite many tourists with any package tours to China.

Shanghai: Shanghai is the world's most populous city and is one of the busiest cities in China. The rich heritage, unique culture and the past history can be revealing in this city of China. This beautiful city is truly speckled with amazing attractions and marvel sight seeing spots truly attracts tourist and tempts them to visit this city again and again. Shanghai Museum is one of the most visited destinations here in this city.

Apart from this there are many attractions and fabulous destinations which truly offer you the super blend of famous historical and prosperous metropolis which truly is amazing and very worth to visit with any China holiday packages.

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