Holy Freshness Batman!! Who's Cooking up Great Mediterranean in Redondo Beach?
Tucked into the face of a little strip mall on Manhattan Beach Blvd and Inglewood Ave is a wonderful food find named Chicken Maison.

This restaurant upon first walking in, reminds me of one of New York's famous eat-in delis.
Bustling with the line of customers, the staff is cheerful, pleasant and helpful (I wish the dining room help was like this in more of the finer eating establishments in Los Angeles).

Your order is taken but it's not handed to you at the counter, this is fresh fast food so they deliver the food to the table.

Oh but let me impress you with the freshness factor. Chicken Maison boasts that they prepare all their food and salad dressings daily and are so committed to using the freshest meats and produce, that they don't own a microwave or freezer.

The menu prices are great, especially for a small group. With meal prices beginning as low as $6.95, you can order the chicken in ¼, ½ or whole portions and all combo meals come with two (2) sides, pita bread and garlic sauce.

So, let's get down to the details. After all, I did go there to eat. We ordered the ½ Spicy Lemon Garlic Chicken with Hummus and Salad.

I must say that I was impressed. The manager/owner himself "Sam Karame" brought our meal to the table and was quick to let us know that we could call him over if we needed anything else.

The chicken was well marinated and as he was setting the tray down on the table, the sweetness of the lemon and garlic made my mouth water.
O.k., can we say tender people. The chicken was fall of the bone moist and practically melted in my mouth. The rice, cooked to perfection, had a light buttery taste and the dressing on the salad tasted as if I made it at home myself. As for as the garlic sauce, it was great!

Last but not least, the pita and hummus.
The pita bread was so fresh that you could smell it from the plate and as for the hummus, (I love hummus), I can say nothing but good things. Every ingredient was balanced to my liking. Nothing was over seasoned or over cooked on this Foodie's plate.

Overall, I will definitely put Chicken Maison on my list of great places to eat for a fast, healthy meal.
I'm looking forward to my next visit.

About Author / Additional Info:
Staff Writer and Food Critic - LA Times