Cherry Babes became two pop idols. Teens and adults from all over the world are getting in love with Cherry Babes; fans love their song "First" and their shows and concerts are always full of audience who dance and sing along with Cherry Babes.

When I first saw Cherry Babes I straight felt something inside me. Their eyes are full of vitality and they love to talk about their projects and about performing arts.

"We feel that we were born to be performers" explain Cherry Babes ( who in real life are two sisters) " from our childhood we started to study dance, act, and sing, we participated to several shows and competitions and little by little we also started to produce our own little musicals and to show them to the rest of the family".

Cherry Babes were born in Italy, in a little Italian village, after their experiences during their childhood they started to conquer more important roles.

" We totally love all the performing arts" explain " we feel very lucky to work in music, movies and musicals. We fought very hard to be where we are now, during our past years we had delusions and very hard moments but we always believed in ourselves, we always gave to each other the strength to go on because we both felt something in our hearts...if we would not do this job we would not be happy".

But Cherry Babes are pure talents and of course fans and audience straight felt it.
Cherry Babes are now very concentrated to promote their pop hit "First". They came back from Hollywood few time ago because now are rocking out Tuscany, in Italy, with their summer tour.
"We are very happy to make a summer tour. We love to change locations and to have every night the opportunity to live new experiences. Every time we go live on stage we feel very happy to be there and to start our concerts and of course we love to meet our fans and to see them singing and dancing and clapping with us. It's very important for us to communicate with them and to see that they are having fun with us. We think that unluckily in the lives of people there are already many troubles and problems and so we want them to have fun with our music, especially with "First".
And I am sure that "First" fits the goal. It has a catchy tune, energetic bits and it is impossible to don't move listening to it.

But the projects in the music career of Cherry Babes are endless and they already have tons of surprises for us " Now we are concentrating on our music careers " tell Cherry Babes "so stay tuned because we already have so many new events and projects to share".

And we will surely stay tuned. But Cherry Babes career not just hold the music one, at the age of 22 y.o and 25 y.o they already have an international career that also hold musical theatre and cinema.

"We have been the main stars of the first Italian movie-musical for cinema and we felt very glad to play in it. We had the opportunity to dance, sing and act for the whole movie, we learnt so many things and plus the fans also wanted "First" to appear in the movie-musical and we felt very glad about it!".

And Cherry Babes also conquered the hearts of the citizens of London. In fact a musical production wanted Cherry Babes to star as leading ladies in the magical musical "Witchcraft" who premiered in the European city of musical, London, on spring 2010. Cherry Babes played two sisters, two witches and tells to the audience a very important story freely inspired to the witch hunt happened back in 1692 in Salem Village. The audience loved Cherry Babes performance so much who people from all over the world, including Salem Village, wanted to know more about the musical itself.

Cherry Babes passion inspire so many people and they are always very happy to share their story.
" We love to talk with our fans and with all the people who have a dream because we want to encourage them to never give up and to always believe in themselves".
So Cherry Babes also share very important and good messages.

But now this talk with Cherry Babes is ending. They have to go to make a rehearsal for their show of the night. When they start to walk away all the people around them turn to see them, because they have got a so big style and popularity even if when they just walk. A fan already reach them and they are doing their autographs. Then they leave, ready to make their sound-check, ready to rock out this night during their concert.

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