There are many people who are workaholics. A workaholic is a person who is able to work continuously and not take rest at all. This is not a person who has been made to work by the office, but is a person who has the choice of taking rest, but keeps working for various reasons. This is the main difference between a person who is a workaholic and a person who is not. The non workaholic person may work hard and sincerely during the time of duty and also when a responsibility has been given, but after completion of the job at hand, the person will get interested in other daily activities and may get on with life, till the nest big responsibility arrives.

A workaholic is a person who does not care about the regular and daily activities. All that the person cares about is the work at hand. This makes the person to be very stressed at all times. The person is not aware of the things that are going on around him. There are many more methods of identifying if you are a workaholic.

1. Care more about the work:

A workaholic will care more about the completion of the work above everything else in life. The person may have a lot of work, but that does not mean that the other things in life need to be ignored. This is what the workaholic does.

2. Decreased attention on the family:

Many of the workaholics may not even think a lot about the family and the people e who are around them. This is a major sign that the person is deep into the work and is facing a problem. This should be a matter of great concern for the family and they should try to help the person to be treated for it.

3. Disheveled look:

The person who is a workaholic is a person who does not care much about the looks. The person will be so busy that he will not have the time to do activities like combing the hair or wearing a neat dress. The person may usually have a disheveled look and may concentrate more on the activities that have to be done, rather than on the looks and other factors.

4. Forgetfulness:

The workaholic will usually be forgetful, not about the work, but about everything else. This is a classic sign that the person thinks more of the work and less of the other important things in life. This kind of person needs to be immediately treated in a medical facility as the person may become depressed soon as any amount of work being done will not give satisfaction to the person.

5. Depression:

The sign that makes the person to really need a medical facility to treat and overcome the workaholic nature is when the person gets affected from depression. This is the situation in which the person is not happy with the work that is done and keeps doing more. This is very close to the edge and is a very severe form of workaholic nature. If it prolongs, it can lead to obsessive compulsive disorder and the person who is suffering needs immediate medical attention.

Adequate counseling and treatment will help the workaholic person to overcome the disorder as soon as possible.

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