There are a lot of changes in the weather and also the climate that are not expected. These changes occur because of various factors. Some of the reasons for the change in the climate are because of the fact that the variations in the environment because of what the human beings like us do. We try to change the way we live by making various modifications. These modifications make us live better or se we think. We make changes in the environment to build dams, to change the course of rivers and also to do various other things and all of these things has an effect on the climatic conditions.

Seasons and how they affect our life

When the seasons change, there are a lot of other changes too that happen in our climate. As each month passes the climate changes and the winter turns to summer and then the winter comes again. All these change our lives by making us wear different clothes and also what we eat. There are also changes in the way we travel. There are many other changes in each and every activity that we do when there is a change in the seasons.

Decreased rainfall

The changes in the climate also have caused a decreased rainfall in certain places which has led to the decreased productivity from land that is cultivable. The decreased productivity leads to a short fall in the food that is produced. This causes more people in the world to go hungry, leading to various social problems in developing and also under developed countries. Decreased rain fall is a direct effect of the changes in the climate including global warming.

Global warming:

This is a condition that has been occurring over the past few decades. The rapid industrialization has caused the various companies to use fuel that release toxic fumes into the atmosphere. All these fumes that are released by thousands of industries cause the temperature of the whole world to be raised by a few percentage points. The gradual increase in the atmospheric temperature has played havoc on the way we live. The glaciers and ice caps are melting releasing water that has started submerging various low lying areas of the world. Other than this, the global warming has also caused the change in the climates and has caused decreased rainfall and unusual climatic changes that have led to decreased food production across the world.

These are the various methods in which the changes in the seasons can affect all human, animal and also plant life on the earth. If adequate care and efforts are not taken, then the countries which are low lying are bound to be affected initially and after a period of time, all other places on the Earth will also be affected. To prevent this, there should be a combined action by all the people of the world and this will help to reduce the various emissions and in turn, this will reduce the combined effect on the climate.

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