In this month the greatest gift for the game lovers is CastleVania: Lords of the Shadow. It is an adventurous game with heavy combat action. With a convincing story and action characters Lords of Shadow will be the game you were waiting for.


According to the genre, CastleVania:Lords of Shadow is an action and adventure game.


CastleVania: Lords of Shadow is a game of PS3 and VB360 platform which has been developed by Mercury Steam.


The heroic character of Lord of Shadow is Gabriel Belmont. He is one of the members of the Brotherhood of Light, on a mission to bring back her wife Marie to life by gathering the three pieces of the mask of light. An ally named Zobek tells Gabriel that every lord have pieces of a historical object known as 'The God Mask'. When the pieces are assembled they together can have the power to purify the world and bringing the dead back. His job is to protect the normal ones from the beast who wants to eat and kill them. From the Dark Lords Gabriel wants to save the world also driven by the personal cause to take revenge of his wife's murder

The game CastleVania:

Lords of Shadow is situated in a devastated Europe when the world was ruined by the powerful black magic. Dead souls were not dead, their souls are spell bounded on our earth and they were unable to discover peace. There are also inhuman creatures from nightmarish world that roam around the earth and kill and eat humans.

In the game you will not have any map to show the path to the pieces of 'The God Mask'. You will have to fight anything comes to your way and have to complete all the tasks. There are some tasks you have to complete in a certain time. The game is an action game so you have to use some weapons. You do not need to use the same weapon you get it means the weapons can be upgraded.

Those secondary weapons each have some special power. As for example a silver dagger can cause massive damage to the werewolf, on the other hand vials of holy water destroy the undead. With these useful weapons Gabriel also has the ability to grab the enemies and toss them in the air. While playing the game you will have to face combat strategies such as, timing based counters and blocks and the overall game is also about some puzzle solving activities. With the new weapon you have to go backward because of some areas in the game which areas were inaccessible without the new weapon.

At last you will also have to face some boss fights. Do not get the wrong impression by these elements; obviously it is an action game. If you are still interested about the game the makers have some surprise to encounter and some of the enemies from the previous version of CastleVania games. This gives a great gaming experience for every person who has been following various games over the last few months and years. This is one of the greatest games that have been released. It has the right combination of action and relaxation for the gamer that he does not get bogged down in the action only.

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