People often forget t think about various aspects like style and taste before choosing a color of a car. Some say consumer color preferences are strongly influenced by social and economic conditions. For example, bright colors are loved by people. Sports cars are said to be bet when painted red, as mentioned by one specific dealer.

If you like bright colors be prepared to spend more than on normal colors or you could just go for black or red. The color yellow in cars was first tried in Malaysia. A dealer was able to come up with a categorization of the people who come to buy cars, One group is of the more conservative ones while the other group is the flamboyant ones.

Car magazines can be found in more numbers than a couple of years ago and they are playing an active role in influencing the public's color choice. Take a look at any dealership and you will realize that as many as 80% of the crowd who comes to shop r a car is conservative in nature. Of course these people are very concerned about their standing in the community. The bigger cars sell faster if they are in shades that are dark and the smaller cars in shades of lighter colors.

If one was to mask the size of the car, one must use dark colors only. Many people think that to maintain a classy profile one needs to have a car in dark colors.

90% of the masses are ignorant about black and its shade but if you are buying a car, you need to know these small points. Personality can be defined by the car you choose.

Blue colored cars love to get attention while the silver colored cars do not like attention at all. Those who use blue black colors are ready to set the world on fire with their elegance.

Judge people based on their car colors thanks to the information give below by the psychiatrists. Black is the first choice of ambitious drivers who want to project an image of success. Red means you're outgoing and impulsive with a youthful attitude, but easily bored. It also symbolizes power and action. Notice that all responsible people like doctors like to have cars that are white in color and those who like to be very cautious while driving buy grey.

Blue signifies a team player who's sociable and friendly, yet lacks imagination. Orange is enjoyed by those car owners who love to have fun and to be constantly around people. Those who like to make use of their imagination and are endlessly joyous and curious are fond of yellow cars. Those who like the color green in cars are not only patient but they are also very modest. The color of protection and silence is what gold is. It is also a symbol of self confidence.

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