Vermicelli is an Indian favorite and whether it is just for a quick snack or for breakfast it is a nutritious low calorie vegetarian recipe which is tasty, filling and nutritious. Idly is another south Indian delicacy, which is low calorie due to its steamed type of making. The body can be cooled up with cucumber dish that is available as a sausage in almost all the Indian restaurants available near you. Thinly sliced cucumber, nonfat yogurt, sliced green onions, green chilies and salt is all that comprises the mixture. You can now throw up a low calorie recipe fitting into the health.

While cooking some techniques here in at the restaurant they use are the boiling type of cooking and altering the way of topping added to it to bring the aroma and taste, instead when it is cooked with oil, so much of the food also uses the micro oven whenever possible. Instead coconut, they use skimmed milk and fat free yogurt which could control the calorie upon taking. The mixed vegetable soup is much favorite as it gives up good rich in strength upon heating up of a mixture of varieties of vegetables, which throws up much calorie outside before taking in it. Such soup will also serve you with less calorie food, with no junk food in it, making the digestion also so good with the hotness in the soup.

Choosing healthy vegetarian foods and avoiding that food containing high in fats, sodium and cholesterol will control your cholesterol and high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and growing problems like obesity and overweight. Eating right foods with a pleasant exercise and the advices from the restaurant like this would make a good health with more relaxation in body and mind.

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