Installing coax cable and modifying home theater systems takes special tools. Finding the right satellite or cable tool is normally a daunting task, but the installation of cable TV requires these ergonomic cable tools. Having the right tool in hand, can save a lot of time and especially money.

Normally to modify cable or satellite coax cables like the pros - it involves cutting, measuring, opening cable box pedestals, fastening, and crimping cables and wires. Without the right or required cable tools, it will take extra time to complete the cable installation or satellite installation. To complete cable and satellite jobs with the least amount of time - find and get the right tools.

There are special tools available to assist cable, satellite, and telecom contractors in getting the cable installation job done quickly. Cable installation tools are not normally found at Home depot, Wall-Mart, or your local Target. Local hardware stores normally have the basics, but the specialty security star keys are hard to find.

Cable installation tools are not hard to use, once found. Operating the tool can be done by any home improvement or hardware person.

A pair of good crimping pliers are necessary to have in a tool arsenal. Cable wires have connectors set up on the end. Inside these cable wires is where the live wire is exposed. Pliers or specifically crimping pliers is used to attach connectors to the cable wire. Crimpers are easy to find and come in many different shapes, designs, and styles. Purchasing a basic pair of crimping pliers at a local hardware store is ideal (e.g. Home Depot or Lowes). The other specialty cable tools that will be required cannot be purchased at a local hardware store (resources like Newelectronx Store is necessary); but cable installation for home entertainment will require the use of basic pliers. That is why a pair is highly necessary. The specialty tools and where to buy them will be discussed a little later in this article.

Don't laugh, but a good pair of scissors or an utility knife is necessary. A common ruler or measuring tape is also paramount. In fact, much cannot be done without the use of a measuring tape nearby. Measuring tapes or rulers can be purchased from the local hardware stores like Wall-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, etc.

Measure the length of the cable wire. That cable coax wire will require cutting. This is where the use of the utility knife or scissors come in handy. The average household scissors will not do, because they will not provide the necessary force to cut through the strong cable jacket or internal cable wire. Cable coax wires have a very thick coat on the outside of the wire to help insulate the cable wire. This thick coat is often called the cable wire jacket.

Extra force and a special pair of scissors is needed to cut through the jacket and clear through the cable wire. There are special scissors specifically designed to be used for and with cutting cable wire. The cable tool scissor is necessary to provide a smooth and safe cut through the coax cable wire. The cable tool scissors provide the necessary added force to cut through the cable coax wire, therefore reducing hand fatigue or dangerous accidents. Keep this in mind, because some coax cable jobs require much measuring and cutting of cable coax wires; therefore it is vitally important to have these cable tool scissors on hand.

A good pair of strippers can be found online at any auction outlet. They can also be found at your local hardware, yard sales, and swap-meets. Most of the low level ones are made in China. Pay attention and buy a good pair, because cable coax wires require prepping before connecting the screw head fastening mechanism to the cable coax wire. Try to purchase a cable stripper with an adjustable blade. This adjustable blade on the strippers will allow adjustment for different cable coax wire thicknesses and sizes.

The thick outside protective jacket needs to be removed. This removing of the jacket is called stripping. Cable coax wire jackets are stripped of their host prior to adding the connector and after the cutting. A good pair of cable strippers provides an easy clean removal of the jacket where cable coax wire is being installed.

Normally terminators, traps, and filters will appear during home improvement - home theater entertainment DIY projects. To be ready for that, a special set of tools is highly required. These specialty tools are hard to find and can't be purchased at the local hardware store. It is hard pressed to find these specialty security cable tools at yard-sales or swap-meets.

To remove termination coax cable connections, a termination tool is required. A gem of a store is Newelectronx. Newelectronx has several cable tools and several specialty satellite termination tools that are hard to find anywhere else. These are the same tools used by local cable companies. Pick up a terminator tool from Newelectronx to remove the terminators, traps, and filters. Terminators are found at the end of each coax cable wire.

Terminators, filters, and traps are tiny electrical devices that ensure that sufficient clear signal code reaches the destination without distortion. A Newelectronx termination tool is used either install or remove the terminator. There have been videos posted on YouTube that show various ways of getting around these devices, but for home improvement and professional work. It is recommended that these techniques are avoided. Destroying these terminators or damaging these filters and traps may cost you a high penalty. Tread with caution, and do it the right way. Also doing it the right way will ensure you have a strong signal to the entertainment DIY project under construction. The professional cable/satellite contractor will normally have several specialty tools in his or her tool pouch. What is good enough for them, is certainly good enough for the DIY home owner. Get the best and don't settle for anything less.

Test each connection with a continuity tester. A continuity test is needed to make sure that each coax wire is terminated and connected properly. Most testers are shaped in a matchbox form. A good tester will ensure good signal is being routed from one connection to another. Also these tester allow the cable contractor and telecom technician to find out if the proper signal is being transmitted through coax cable wire properly. This is why it is paramount to use the right cable tools for the DIY cable project.

A set of weird shaped Star Self Lock Pedestal Keys might be necessary to get into locked enclosures and underground peds. It is necessary to have these tools along with a wrench. The ped keys come in many shapes, sizes, and patterns. There is even a Pedestal key shaped like a P. These security keys are used to open cable boxes connected to the outside wall of the home. Find which one that is required from the local cable company. Check to see how much they charge to open the box for the undergoing project. Sometimes it is necessary to have a specialist help the project along by making secure protected connections. The professional cable installer or satellite telecommunication technician will have a pro set of Newelectronx Star Key Pedestal Cabinet Enclosure Slam CATV Lock Point Cable Tool in their pouch. The most common is the M shape or LQ shape security enclosure key. Make sure the right one is ready and on hand, if needed.

Lastly, a wrench is required to bind together cables using a connector that is shaped like a bolt. This hand tool like all the others can be found at a specialty cable or satellite shop. Sometimes the local hardware store will have them on shelf. Ask for hand-held tools and the clerk might help with the location of that specialty tool. These tools are needed to make the connections secure inside those cable junction boxes that require the Newelectronx Star Pattern Tool to open.

Remember the right tool will help the project go smoothly, if the professional tool can be acquired before the job is started then buy it. It will save you time, money, and headache in the long haul.

Reading this should help the average home improvement person make better connections with coax cables and coax wires to ensure strong cable and satellite signal leaves the source and reaches it's destination the right way.

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