These are the people I respect the most. These are the individuals that buck the trend and go out on their own to make their mark. They are never waiting for hand outs and they go out to prove to others that their dreams are only as far away as the first step.

Not only do they chase their dreams, but they understand it is irresponsible to set sail towards financial freedom without understanding what they are getting into. Starting your own business can be a scary and costly venture. You have made the firm decision that you are going to make it on your own but the question lies, "what business am I going to embark on?"

There is one very ugly fact that keeps people from obtaining their goal and that is, it takes money to make money. Very few people come up with the next great thing and make their millions simply on a product that is needed, or a service that no one has thought of. So this leaves you to foot the bill. Now there are ways around mortgaging your home to get the start up costs. For one, you can borrow from friends and family, if you are lucky enough to have an uncle that just happens to be rich. You can also go the way of an angel investor. Angel investors are a great way to obtain the start up cost but they are called "angels" for a reason. The majority of angel investors work on the theory of last money in first money out, which means after you have tapped yourself out, they will foot the bill for the remaining startup costs. A standard bench mark of pay back is a 7-10 to 1 dollar ratio. This means for every dollar they give you, they receive 7 to 10 dollars. For example if an angel gives you $10,000 they are looking to get back $70,000 to $100,000 back in a 7 to 10 year period. Most investors will not even look at you unless this is your full time employment, so this means you will have to leave your current job to run your new company. If it all goes south you are left with nothing. You could always go the way of buying a popular franchise, but then we are talking big time bucks, which you will have to have a large percentage up front before they will even accept your application.

So, what's the answer? How does the common woman or man get in the game of owning their own business? I will share how I have come to understand how this is done. There really is only one place a person can run a successful business with low start up cost and not have to give up their current employment while they make their mark. It's on the internet. Now before you stop reading, I am not talking about the "make five figures in your sleep per month." I'm talking about the opportunity to be able to sell products on the internet for other companies. Major companies are starting to see that other means of marketing are falling by the way side. Newsprint and radio are not pulling the numbers like they use to and television is getting to the point that people simply fast forward through their expensive ads. Yet, the internet allows these companies to laser point their clientele and have the best of all mediums, print as well as video.

It has never been a secret that word of mouth is always the best way to move product. Companies understand the amount of time people spend on social 2.0 websites like Facebook and Twitter, not to mention how people enjoy reading article and blog posts. By simply passing on a commission to these new sales reps, partnering with them on the internet, they can take full advantage of "word of mouth" and empower them to sell their products for them.

So how is it that people make the money they make off this new sector of business owners? The answer is sheer volume. If done correctly you will have full access to the world, to help sell products for companies. This has been proven to work time and time again. Now this does not mean that everyone that gets into this line of work is successful, remember this is business and the smartest and the fastest will always win. All of the information you need can be found on the internet for free. I write a full time blog on the subject explaining what is needed and more importantly if this line of ownership is for you.

Please I beg of you not to buy into get rich quick scams, we all know these are not where true wealth is built. If you are looking at starting a business of your own, I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of avenues open to you. As always NEVER buy anything or get involved in any program until you have fully researched it. Impulses have a tendency of never working out. I feel that you would be simply amazed by how you can start a business and have over 100,000 people seeing it in less than six months.

If you have not thought about internet marketing or simply sloughed it off as scam in the works, I feel with the right guidance and education you will be surprised at this new way of starting and running your own business.

Feel free to stop by my blog for more information on this wide based business of internet marketing.

About Author / Additional Info:
Carl Waggett
Success Is Not An Accident