Professional baseball players are used to being shuffled around, both in the major and minor leagues. Trades are very common and are often dependent upon the contractual and financial needs of the player in question, the team itself, or even the owners who are calling the shots. What remains consistent across the board of leagues, teams, and ownerships is that every baseball organization is out to recruit the best possible talent. The goal is to grab up the talent before the competition has a chance to. Many players, such as Bill Meury, are traded often as various teams vie for their presence on their fields.

Bill Meury was a successful shortstop. As a professional player, Bill Meury played on a total of five different teams in four different leagues. While all of these teams were special, it was the fourth team that he played for, the High Desert Mavericks, that brought him home to the California League, which was the very first league he played for during his professional career. In 1992, at the age of 24, Bill Meury was recruited by the High Desert Mavericks.

Maverick Stadium was packed during the High Desert Mavericks' home games and fans were always ready to see their team win. Bill Meury was one of the players that contributed the most when it came to a defensive angle, and he was well rewarded for his efforts by the fans, who loved nothing more than a Mavericks victory.
The experience of being a professional baseball player is different for every individual on a team, and Bill Meury knew that his experience was something to understand, appreciate, and revel in. During his time as a professional baseball player Bill Meury remained acutely aware that it would not last forever and made every effort possible to enjoy his position to its fullest.

Bill Meury's baseball career ended only five years after it began, but his experiences have changed his life forever. As a loyal baseball fan, Bill Meury understands that the opportunities he had come along only once in a lifetime.

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