Dosahut, one of the authentic South Indian Restaurants providing good refreshment at the moment of your holiday with various varieties of the Indian cuisines prepared with same quality as in motherland. Dosahut has also introduced cool offers for customers being members in the restaurant.

While considering about the calories consumption at DosaHut, it would be very less. Moreover the side dishes that are blended into a rich content of herbs and spices from a various grounded mixture of providing good aromas namely from cumin, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg , coriander, mint and curry leaves. Each item has a description and their ingredients serves to be a good energetic food which makes body feel better than before ever.

At DosaHut you will come to recognize what a South Indian Restaurant is and way of different type of fine recipes being cooked and dressing the food on the table that makes you on an overall adaptation of food habits. Depending upon one type of food items which cause a good health is needed actually that would be from a Best South Indian Restaurant Dosahut.

The vegetarian food here in at Fremont with a combination from south Indian recipes is worth to many nearby DOSAHUT. Our restaurant provides top class south indian food in Fremont, California. This place has great ambiance and comfortable dining. Dosa Hut is a real treat to people who live in and around Fremont as they get an exact taste of traditional dosa.

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