Online photography learning is a wonderful substitute to the regular photography classes that people attend. There are some people who prefer this kind of online courses to the conventional classes where the person has to attend the class in person. This is because of some of the important advantages that are offered by the online photography courses.
The advantages of the online photography courses:

There are various amazing advantages of doing an online course in the art of taking photographs. These include the following:

1. The cost is very less:

The cost of a person learning to take good quality photographs through the various online courses is very less when compared to a regular course. There are various reasons for this. One is that the teaching material that is present online can be used for many people. At the same time, there is no need for a person to be present in the class all the time. The lack of materials in these courses that are conducted in the internet has also helped a lot in decreasing the costs of these courses.

2. Time saving:

The online photography courses save a lot of time for the person learning the art of photography and also for the person who is teaching how to take a picture. This is because the person wanting to learn to take a photograph does not need to travel and go to a class. Instead, all the course materials are present on the computer and the person just has to download them. For the person teaching the course too, the initial preparation of the course material may take time, but the person does not need to keep teaching for each person because all of it is put up on the internet and the person only has to clear the doubts of those who are learning. This saves a lot of time for all those involved.

Disadvantages of online photography courses:

1. No hands on experience:

The person learning the art of taking a picture will not have any hands on experience, that is validated by an expert. Thought the person teaching through the online photography course may be an expert, the individual learning to take the pictures does not have someone close by to immediately ask and clear the doubts. It is difficult to be confident in taking good pictures if there are no hands on experience. This is one of the major disadvantages of these kinds of courses. There is also no proper interaction between the instructor and the learner and this too leads to the problems for the learner.

2. Inadequate learning:

Even if the course material are designed to teach everything to the learner through the internet in the online photography courses, the learner will not be able to excel in various things like the resolution of the photo that is taken, the framing of the photograph, the editing of the photo in photo shop and various other things. All these things are possible only if the person is able to learn directly from a tutor. This makes the courses conducted through the internet to have inadequate and also incomplete learning.

Though there are various advantages and disadvantages of learning photography through the internet, there are many people who are being benefited by online photography courses because of its wider reach.

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