"My ideal partner will be someone who is confident, someone who believes in family values and understands the importance of family. Who has the spirit to take up challenges and overcome them".

"Understanding between each other and taking care of each other is key to Happy Marriage, My Life Partner should have is love n caring nature".

"Who is more responsible enough and who can hold me in his Loving and Caring hands. I feel where there is Trust and Understanding there will be the divine existence and happiness throughout the life. Life Partner should not be money minded".

"I am looking for a good mature life partner who will love me, care for me n understand me".

"In any relation a good friendship is essential. So partner should be my good friend also, as I will be hope for the best".

"The special someone to share my life with, Marriage is an institution wherein both the husband and wife learn everyday from each other and the entire universe around them to get to a level wherein the sanctity is achieved. A happy marriage is a heaven for anyone on earth. All his thoughts, beliefs and convictions transforms to success with a happily married life".

"Together we can enrich each other's life, laugh together, and face challenges together. All in all, Lets enjoy this beautiful journey called LIFE TOGETHER".

"Looking for an understanding and caring man who will love me for what I am".

"I believe that the chemistry between two people has to work out for a smooth, strong and long term relationship. I believe in respecting everyone's individuality",

"I think marriage is a beautiful journey which re-quires Compromises and understanding between partners".

"I want a friend who understands me, a friendly soul who can add a meaning to my life and to whom I can say -You make My Life simple".

"I am looking for a partner who will be a friend, willing to stand by me at every stage of my life..."

"Looking for good partner who will be My Back bone never looking for beauty but only the care, who be My better half".

"I am looking for friendly partner, who will share with me in joys as well as sorrows".

"My dream about My Life partner is Lovable, Friendly, and Broad Minded who lights our family with her Love and Affection".

"Seeking a cool and Understandable with a right mix of modern and traditional Values".

"I want to meet someone who will love me for what I am. To whom I can share my life with and being together for the rest our lives".

"My partner in all the Rise and fall of My Life and can become a real Soul Mate for me".

"To me Marriage means Loving and being loved. It is a sacred bond between two people that can last throughout eternity... It is having that special someone to share life with... It is two people whose hearts beat as one... It is two lives so entwined into one that when people speak your name... theirs follows... It is having someone you love to laugh with, cry with, and grow old with... It is a life built together with precious memories... It is waking up beside your love and wondering what memories you'll make together today... It is accepting each other just the way you are... It is two people who have goals set to achieve together... never having to face life alone... a loving hand to hold, a smile and tears to share and a life to truly enjoy living...."

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