How often has it been that we were disappointed that things did not go our way, frustrated that we could not achieve what we planned to? These being plans we had for our future and yet, we have a sense of failure as we could not accomplish them.

During these moments, we fail to realise that God, our Creator, has a plan chalked out for each one of us, depending on our capabilities, keeping in mind, our strengths and weaknesses.. Plan for our well-being, our welfare and not for our destruction.

Yet, we are under the impression that we are out here, to achieve, to prove ourselves. . and hence we go about waging our own battles, Battles of the Mind, which is far more strenuous, far more tiring and far more destructive than any Battlefield. And what is the Outcome of such Battles? We only end up being more frustrated, helpless and restless.

I am sure, all of us are aware of the Battles we fight in our minds, daily.., but are we ready to do something about them? Do something to resolve such cases? All the time, we are trying to avoid confronting such a situation or we are busy trying to change the situation, but the fact is Situations did not change, they will not change.

On the contrary it is we who need to change the way we look at the situation, no point in getting frustrated over the same issue over and over. Instead, look at the situation on a Long term platter. , then we realise that in the long run, it would turn out to be something wonderful, but most often, this is beyond our Understanding. Hence, we need to ask of our Creator to give us the Grace to understand His Mighty plan for our lives, only then will we be able to lead our lives peacefully without following the cloud of Depression everyday.

Just once if we make up our minds, to listen and understand His plan for us, we would be totally different Individuals, altogether.You can try this today. Take a situation on a day-to-day routine, like, you get into an argument with someone - your parents, a good friend or your partner. Usually, in this scenario, as the other person starts shouting, we shout louder! End result? Too much noise and our mood going bad. What is he outcome from this? Nothing! Or a day that gets completely ruined because of our bad mood.

Let's re-look into this situation and assess how this could be handled differently. When your friend (the other person) starts shouting, you stay calm (knowing that the Mighty one is in control of this situation), let the other person shout his/her lungs out. After he is done, you quietly walk away. Three things happen here
1. Your mood has not gone bad (hence saving your energy for the day)
2. Your faith in The Mighty One is re-instilled by the fact that you did not let the situation control you, because you are aware that He is in control
3. Your silence successfully makes the other person (who was shouting) feel miserable

After this, be assured that you will get an apology from the other person! One disadvantage of this method is that, the 'other person' may become abusive in the process of trying to make you react. Trust me, this can be a very tricky situation, but fun too.

So, go back to your daily routine, try this trick out. The trick of Silence - which will help you discover the Power of silence. Do write back your experience from trying this in your life. I would suggest you try this with people outside the family circle first (your family members get to see you more, so your trick will be caught easily by them!)

All the best with your silence!

About Author / Additional Info:
I am an author from India, with a passion about writing.