Plastics are known for their extreme flexibility in designing and fabrication whereby the lighting industry has very well utilized this feature to the pleasure of millions of customers who seek a modern yet futuristic glow in their daily lives. Eric Solé a great designer managed to capture the beauty of his designs in plastics to captivate many lovers of tomorrow's fixture buyers by evolving the Artemide Mesmeri range of lamp assemblies. As the manufacturers of these Wall lights indicate the product emits a "floating circle of light" that invariably gives the feeling of a charismatic glow to whatever it illuminates. The plastic shade is "out of this world" resembling an upward glow of light or light beam that gives the impression of a bright nova or nebulae. The metallic body of the lamp is die-cast in aluminum or painted to a metallic finish. The not too inexpensive Artemide lamps come in a wide range of sizes and shapes with those now familiar plastic futuristic shades that most buyers cannot resist from purchasing! The prices hover between €170 and €480 after discounting and the product is well stocked by most retailers.

Lamps with unique lamp shades have been popular for many decades and some people are so much sold out on the looks of their lighting fixtures that they furnish their interiors keeping this illuminating factor in mind. Therefore in a short span of time the Artemide range of lamps have created quite a sensation in the market. The entire Artemide product mix is unique in their designs and caters to almost all the buyers or potential purchasers denoting the concept of serving the "human need" for exquisite lighting. It evolved from experience gained by consulting people and designers on the ergonomic features of lighting systems. It was just like designer's furniture that takes into account the comfort of the user! Incidentally, lighting of spaces especially the work area and home study corners needs a great deal of knowledge and experience. This originates from the vision point of view since people of different age groups have specific illumination needs that are further accentuated by failing vision and sight problems. Artemide products take most aspects in view before introducing efficient lighting fixtures in the market.

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