Outfitted with a trench coat and a bowler hat, a man is staring into the skyline with a brolly and his trusty attach case comfortably fitted in his hands. This is truly a purely enigmatic image. When you look at the image, what you are seeing is a corporate advertisement.

The company's vice president and general manager knew the man in the picture very well and according to him, the man was an architect and in reality, he was the man in the image. You will not be compromising any aspect that is related to art when you resort to aggressive marketing and advertising tactics and this is in conjunction with the architectural ethos of the late '70s.

There have been numerous changes since then when it came to the concepts of art and architecture where creating pretty things is no longer the sole concern of the people who make them. Art has changed. It is in Winnipeg in Canada where one company is trying to establish itself as one of the primary competitors in Canadian commerce and they are using graphic design to achieve this.

Taking pictures was the pastime for these two partners. What began with simple pictures are now graphic forms, silk screens, lithographs, metal etchings, and fiber work. In a darkroom in a local architectural firm where they met, these two partners used to work there. The both of them realized that they could move mountains.

When they worked for the company, it was capable but not ready to become a formal industrial participant. The partners went to a graphics exhibition which their company joined and it was in Vancouver. Of the two of them, one was so confident about how bankable their endeavor is that he is willing to shell out almost five thousand dollars to set everything up and start the ball rolling.

What you can expect from this company is that they will be using more forms of art, graphic, and print than any other competitor in the Winnipeg area. They work on potatoes as well which basically mean that they work on coasters, menus, matchbook covers, promotional printing, posters, architectural photography and models, logos, and T shirt design as well. They are depended upon by a lot of government buildings, trains, head and branch offices of corporations, lobbies and rooms of hotel chains, and commercial aircrafts to make custom art designs for them.

Aside from helping corporations with their promotional materials, sometimes the partners also work by placing murals or silk screen serigraphs in their offices. When they make their custom fine art for their clients, they combine it with graphic design and this becomes their edge. They are perfectly aware of the time and effort that comes with custom corporate art but this is their line of work. They are able to use graphic design to their advantage. The company's custom work is already hanging in two major Canadian banks, various federal and provincial buildings, a huge insurance company, a railroad, hotels and airline companies.

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