In the recent weeks, there has been a lot of stirring up in the nation, owing to an incident that occurred in Delhi. Multiple suggestions, demands, expectations have been placed before the Government and other decision making bodies. But there is one question that is missed here. The provocation to such incidents are primarily being contributed to, by the Entertainment industry.

The movies released in the last 2-3 years have been getting bolder, all in the name of advancement and open mindedness. But do we have the crowd to handle such content with maturity? So much so, that even the Television series that run in family prime time, also have similar content on a smaller scale. What is it that we are trying to impart through all of this? Are we convinced that the different segments of our society, is able to handle this content with maturity and take the necessary steps to ensure these do not get manifested into actions?

There is no accountability shown by movie makers, to own up to incidents like those that happened in Delhi to the poor girl or to the numerous incidents that occurred in Gujarat, UP, West Bengal and many more such places.

Let us ask ourselves yet another question, when you go to watch a movie, what is the expectation? The story, characterization, cinematography, actors' performance, actors' clothes and the brands being endorsed through the movies, the songs - the music, lyrics? Why are the Item songs required? What value do they add? Can we agree that, such songs contribute in provoking people into shameful acts like those in Delhi, Gujarat and other parts of the country?

All of us are so fond of these songs, that we end up teaching even the kids to sing, and perform to these songs? Seriously? Can we be this lame? Every single person from different segments of the society watches these songs and the actors who actually perform in these songs are not accessible to these people. So, who becomes accessible? The innocent girl next door, in a Salwar kurta or even a Saree. And we talk about the lady provoking it?

How many more years do the women have to take in all the gruesome behaviors, taunts and treatments from the hypocrites who think they can do anything and get away with it? It is high time we put some sense into every fellow citizen about the respect that is long due to the women of this country.

If we really want to protest against behaviors or sources which are corrupting the minds of our society, let us not only blame the Government. Lets look into what WE can do from our end first. Try boycotting ONE movie because of an item song. Try putting some sense into the movie makers that our country still has pockets in its population, where people are incapable of judging such content and acting responsibly. And by pockets in population, the reference here is NOT ONLY the labor or the illiterate groups, but also the elite socializing highly educated sophisticated segment of the society who think they can do anything and get away with it.

Each of you be the judge of the content you are watching. Boycott every such mode of entertainment which promotes profanity and see what difference it will make on the society. Start this in your family. Remember the basic lesson of Social Studies from school, the Family is the basic unit of the society. If you implement it in your family and each of us in ours, then we can clean our society on our own. To sustain this, we will require measures from the Government. Let us do our part first and then force the Government to do theirs.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a writer who is making use of forums to express my opinion on the recent incident in Delhi, Gujarat and other places in our country