Supermarkets have been increasing in number over the years. They do play a major role in the sale of products. The truth is that these super markets are able to offer a lot of good at a reduced price than the amount that it costs in the shop of the retailers. Though the big supermarkets are also retail outlets, they are able to provide the goods to the clients at a much reduced rate, even at the rate of the wholesale goods. There are various reasons for this. The rate of the goods is very less and this makes them very attractive to the clients. The people buy all the things from the ship that is selling the goods at a very less price.

The retailers who are smaller shop owners are complaining that the big supermarkets have taken over their business and that the governments should try to rein them in. There is no way that the government will be able to increase the prices of the goods in these
supermarkets, while they are old at a lesser price in the other shops. This has caused a deadlock in some places.

Coming to the question as to whether the supermarkets are killing the retail outlets, the answer needs to be analysed before it is let out. The smaller shops that are available everywhere have been selling goods at a very high profit margin to the clients all these days. Now, as the supermarkets are selling the goods at the right price, the smaller retailers are not able to make a killing in their profits. This has made them complain. They do not realize that the clients are the kings and they should be able to get the best deal. The small retailer should also try to take proactive methods that will help their business to be successful.

The price wars have been going on and this has made some of the smaller shops to either be closed or face other problems like losses. This is mainly because of the fact that these people have not been able to cope with the new changes. Their adaptability and functionality has reduced because of years of making huge profits. So the truth is that the big supermarkets are not killing the smaller retailer. It is just that the smaller retailers are not able to make the best of the situation. So instead of complaining about the big supermarkets, the retailers who are smaller in size than the supermarkets should use various kinds of marketing and other kinds of strategies to try and increase their sales by increasing the number of clients.

The next time any person buys from a supermarket, they can be happy in the thought that they are not doing injustice to the retailers, but are only trying to get the foods at a price that is affordable and correct for them. This reduced cost of purchase will make the people to be able to save a lot of money over a period of time. So, we can be happy with the thought that we are not making a mistake in buying things from the supermarkets.

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