A three wheeled automobile produced by Aptera Motors, Aptera 2e is an ultra-efficient battery powered electric car which is expected to be on sale at some point of this year. Aptera Motors is a California based company. Aptera 2e is on its final stage of design and currently accepting pre-orders from California residents only. Aptera Motors expects this car to be a big hit because of the fuel efficiency and the extraordinary features offered by Aptera 2e.


Aptera 2e is subcompact class car with front-engine, front-wheel drive layout. Aptera 2e will run by a Remy 82 kW electric motor having Borg-Warner single ration transaxle transmission. The fuel effectiveness of 300 mpg (0.78 L/100 km) when plugged in every 120 miles (190 km) would make this car one of the most fuel efficient cars in the world. It would be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds and the highest speed of the car is about 85 mph (137 km/h).


The exterior of the car may initially look fragile to the customers but is a very strong one in practical view. The exterior shell of Aptera 2e is made up of material which is lighter than steel but three times stronger. This strong shell makes this car a safe vehicle in spite of its fragile look. According to the company's website, a thoroughly mixture of the fabric with resin will increase the material's safety performance. So the material composite which is used to make the outer shell of this car has been saturated with resin. Aptera 2e has a solar panel on the roof which will be used to run the heat pump of the car. The exterior dimension has a length of 175.6 in (446 cm), width of 86 in (218 cm) and 54.4 in (138 cm). Curb weight of Aptera 2e is 1,800 lb (820 kg).Designed by Eleven, Aptera 2e is going to redefine the look of new generation car even though it can't fly.


16 cubic feet interior space of the car is able to accommodate two adults along with a child in the middle. To reduce power consumption LED running interior lights. Aptera 2e offers amazing entertainment features like radio, DVD player and a dashboard controlled GPS system. The special thing about Aptera 2e's interior is recycled materials and organic dyes will be used to make the textile and other materials used in the interior (i.e. seats and flooring) to reduce the car's ecological footprint.

Safety Features:

Aptera Motors ensures the ultimate safety for the passengers of Aptera 2e. The simulated crash test of this car has been done by using ABAQUS FEA software. This car has passenger safety cell and boxed sandwich foam core composite structure which is inspired by F1 safety features. It has 45 inches frontal crumple distance which is large in comparison to the vehicle's size. This car also has driver and passenger airbag- in- seatbelts.


According to the manufacturer, Aptera Motors, this car will be priced between $20,000 to $ 40,000 depending on the variant models and options.

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