Apple bottom shoes

Women fashion and style are growing rapidly. One of the most creative and talented celebrity Nelly founded Apple bottom in 2003. She has taken care of all those women who has plus size and the vision behind apple bottom has always been to celebrate the curves of women. In other words, Apple Bottom focused on the natural curves of woman's body, it designer clothing line to caters to all females of all shapes and sizes. First she has created Apple bottom clothes and she got lot s of appreciation through the popularity of this brand. After some time she realized that apple bottom clothes become popular more and more among the women who were not satisfied with the other brand because of plus size. With the increasing popularity among the young generation she has decided to create shoes that translate the brand's fashion-forward designs into urban women's casual and women's dress shoe styles.

Ultimately, multi talented recording artist superstar Nelly the founder of the popular Apple Bottom clothes has introduced to us the highly visualize Apple Bottom Shoes. Nelly created this brand especially for women with amazing curvaceous figures. She is always trying to work on perfecting this brand by expanding to it by adding accessories and footwear. Apple Bottom Shoes have a lot of design and I am sure If you are thinking for buying new pair of shoes then once you should learn about Apple bottom and I make sure you will be very happy when will known about apple bottom brand.

According to my experience, the important thing for choosing shoes is it should fit well and feel comfortable. As we all know that right choice of shoes will fulfill the both of the requirement and keeping your feet in healthy positions. And apple bottom shoe offer the more than that.

In case of apple bottom shoe, the good thing is that you will be able to access the latest right from the internet which links to Amazon and eBay which offer the best possible prices available.

Apple bottom brand includes items for not only the plus sized market but for kids also. Nelly is a great mind and she also put the same thing into the minds of the co designer.

Apple bottom is very famous among the women from top to bottom. We were so excited about it because it's very easy to buy with the help of online and it brings a shoe that is a commercial success and also doubles as a fashion statement

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