Who doesn't wants to be loved in this world.each and every person needs someone to love him/her in the same way Anna also needed love.she was born in a good christian family she was the youngest sibling to her brothers, the most pampered girl. Like any other girl she also had dreams of her life. She also had friends at her school.but she was only open to her close friends she would give anything to the person she loves.

She was a good sincere student for her teachers. Some would call her sincere the other disciplined but she was quiet at times. More than studies she was active at sports.but the only problem with her was that she trusted people soon, and like any other adolescent child she also began to have crushes for the opposite sex. But whomever she liked in different classes or stages she only kept in her mind but never disclosed to that person that she likes him. When it was her board exams she would be sometimes in her dreams thinking about someone close to her. But still she managed to get good percentage.she never got her true love but still she felt this might be the one but alas!

She did her further studies in South India she wanted to live in hostel and experience a life far from her parents. Her parents used to send money for every wish she had. They were very loving to her. She never did anything wrong but still she wasted money for unwanted things and increased the bill. She made new friends at hostel. 4 years were different for her. Hostel life was good and also bad.but she was happy with her life in college. In the second year of her college she got her best friend who became very close to her. She used to disclose all her thoughts any feelings to her even her best friend also liked her a lot. Both were smart at studies and both were famous for their best friend pair at hostel.

Meanwhile Anna felt she was not as good as her best friend Maria. Maria was really beautiful. When both are out boys used to look at maria but no one noticed Anna. She felt bad because she began to think why is she not as good as Maria, but she never told this to Maria. When Anna used to come home once in a year she began to make new friends in the net. She felt if not in reality but in net she can get someone special. But she was wrong in her decision. She ended up with many breakups .

She never saw those net friends in reality but used to think about them. In the end of 4 years she had 3 breakups and the opposite sex after having few months net relation expressed that they don't like her but she was a not a suitable match for them. She cried bitterly many nights and made up her mind not to look at net for making friends. The good friends she had made in hostel and school were her real friends.when she finished her college she was 22 she started her job but never dreamt about anyone. She had casual relation with everyone.

Her parents saw she was not happy in her life how she used to be. When she finished her 1 year job she got a proposal from a church in north who was her fathers friends neighbour son. She got married at 24. Now she is married and is happy in her life. She is trying to forget her past but never expresses much about her past to her husband because she doesn't wants to spoil her relation. When she was 26 years she conceived and that was the turning point in her life. She felt the happiest to be a mother of her twin children who were named Alice and Samuel. Now Anna is too busy with Alice and Samuel and is more closer to god because she felt everything has a time which god has already decided and sometimes she laughed at herself that how foolish she was in her past.

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