If you are thinking about travelling to Pakistan, there are some places that you should keep on the top of your "must see places" list. In this article, I am going to tell you some of the most attractive and amazing tourist destinations in Pakistan.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi:

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are known as twin cities and often counted as one unit. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Like most of the capital cities in south Asia, Islamabad is an Urban city with wide avenues and shiny restaurants. To get the feeling of a typical south Asian capital city, you can visit through the metropolis.

The cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are not widely known for attractive tourist destinations; instead they have more practical uses. For example, Islamabad has all the offices, embassies and high commission to deal with visa, passport and other related issues of the visitors; but there are some popular tourist spots around these two places.

Taxila is one of the richest archeological sites in south Asia. The museum in Taxila contains numerous elements from the Buddhist period. This city was one of the most important cities in Gandhara and the museum was built on the findings from the excavation in the city. Taxila is 40-60 minutes journey from Rawalpindi.

Murree, a well known hill station from the British colonial is about half an hour northeast of Islamabad. The bungalows and guesthouses still have the classic look as well as the bazaars down the road. The Margalla Hill is another great tourist spot, located near Islamabad. The hills of Margalla are very popular for hiking.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir:

Although Pakistan has a very complex relation with India over issue of Jammu and Kashmir for a long time, but that has never reduced the fact that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Both of these places are very attractive to the tourists for their world class scenic beauty.

The military activities within the sixteen kilometers of the Pakistani zone make it harder for the visitors to enjoy the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. You can get access into Machiara National Park, Muzaffarabad and Neelam Valley; although you cannot go to the valley above Muzaffarabad and upper Neelam Valley.

Machiara National Park contains forested 'Ganga' Mountains and a part of Himalayan foothills along with a great collection of wildlife including snow leopard, Himalayan griffon vulture and brown bear. Muzaffarabad is mostly popular for its historical achievements since the 'Mughals'. It also has two most beautiful rivers of Neelam and Jhelum. Neelam Valley is the most beautiful place in Jammu and Kashmir with excellent river of Neelam and its surrounding nature.

Lahore is the former capital of Pakistan and still the cultural, social and intellectual centre in the country. The city was favored by both Mughal and British rulers and they left their legacies all over the city. Lahore is also world famous for its Islamic culture including Sufism and Kawwali.

These are some of the places that every tourist visiting Pakistan should visit.

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