Every man likes to have the best girl to be his girlfriend. There are certain factors that hinder the girl from liking the guy. The guy should be the perfect person in front of the girl to make sure that the girl likes him. There are many girls who assess the guy in the first instance. This is because the girl who is on the look out for the best guy does not wait and instead keeps assessing the men till she finds the right person.

Men on the other hand are smitten by one girl and they try to go all out for the girl who he likes. This causes the men to be after one girl as soon as he sets eyes on her and likes her. The women on the other hand carefully assess the male before making the next move.
There are various methods of making the girl like you and they are listed here:

1. Talk about her:

Women like to hear good things about them. The first thing that a guy can do to impress the girl is to make sure that the girl knows that you are interested in her. This should be made known to her in subtle ways. Another thing that you can do is to talk to her and ask about her. Learn as much information as you can about her. This will help you to take further steps in trying to impress her.

2. Learn about her interests:

As you talk to the girl, try to learn about her interests. Ask her if she has any hobby and what she usually does to while away the time. If there is some activity that both of you like, then invite her to join you in doing those kind of activities. It could be trekking, cooking, gardening or any other such activities.

3. Impress her:

Many people think that trying to impress a girl will fall on deaf ears if the girl is not interested. This is not true in principle. There are many women who love all the attention that they get. This should be taken advantage of and you should try to impress her with the way you behave and also the way you care for her and talk to her. All these methods of impressing her will be secretly admired by the girl as she continuously assesses you. Then finally, she will make a decision based on your activities.

4. Keep her laughing:

Keep the girl laughing at all times. There are many things that you can do to make her laugh. Try to tell her the real life funny incidents that occurred when you were young. This is one method of making her laugh. Try to tell her jokes as you talk to her. This too can make her laugh. As the girl laughs, she is happy in your company and this will impress her more and make her to like you.

All these will help you to get the best girl to like you!

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