Nigeria is a major tourist destination in Africa. Nigeria is the largest country in West Africa by physical space and by population. It has an approximation of 154,729,000 people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Nigeria is run on the federal system of government with 37 states and English as the official language. Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba are also recognized languages in Nigeria.


Nigerian cities have a uniqueness that attracts a lot of tourists. They have the modern infrastructure like roads, buildings and schools. Nigerian cities are also noted for their heavy traffic, which most tourists find interesting. Some parts of the cities have a higher population, all from different parts of the country. These people blend together so well and are able to blend with others who are nationals of other countries. Some cities like Benin City are built on water, giving a beautiful scenery at night. Nigerian cities also have world class hotels and night clubs where one can relax after a hard day's work.


Traditional Nigeria also offers tourist attractions. The rich culture of the Nigerian people is displayed in these parts. The food they eat the clothes they wear and music they play is something one cannot afford to miss. The Eba and Egusi soup cannot be missed in the restaurants or the music and dance during festivals or other celebrations. The rural people themselves are a tourist attraction; the welcome smile on their faces and the warm handshake will make you feel at home. The traditional system of government is also exhibited by the traditional rulers in these places.


Traditional shrines are a common finding in Nigeria. These shrines further displays the rich African beliefs and traditions. People go to these shrines to consult the gods and seek guidance. Some also go for treatment of their ailments and diseases. Tourists may be shown how these consultations are done. The power of traditional gods are also displayed to tourists, and those seeking protection and other powers are also given. The Long Juju shrine of Arochukwu is the most visited of these shrines, with a cave of the long juju oracle.


Nigeria has a rich number of well developed sandy beaches. Kano is a well known beach city, with a number of resorts dotting the beaches. One can go swimming or deep-sea fishing on these beaches. They also offer places of relaxation where one can just walk in, take a drink and enjoy the cool breeze.


Nigeria has a number of natural reserves and parks, with a rich number of plants and wild animals. The Yankari National Park is the most developed of these, stocked with elephants, baboons, elephants, crocodiles and hippopotamuses among others. The animals are available for viewing all year round. There are wild trees which have stood for centuries also in these parks.


Nigeria has abundant water resources that attract tourists. The Wikki Warm springs has warm water springing out, all day long. There are also waterfalls, lakes and rivers that one can visit.

Take a holiday tour to Nigeria and realize your tourism dream.

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