Are you planning to spend some relaxing time with your family and close relative or friends? Whatever your plan is, amazing fun indoor group games are the best way to enjoy your leisure time with your close one by making the time more enjoyable and entertaining. It will not only give you some quality spare time but also help you to communicate with your children or close one or may be a group of unknown people whom you just met in the party. Here are some ideas of amazing indoor games which you can try for your upcoming party.

• Pillow passing-

All you need for this game is a pillow and an audio cassette player. At first sit on a circle and select a referee, who will be the in charge of the player. S/he must sit in an opposite direction, as in turning his back on the players. His duty is to turn off the cassette player after some time randomly. When he will turn it off, the player holding the pillow will be out of the game. The game will go on until we find the final winner who managed to escape from the pillow throughout the game.

• Where the wind blows-

Everyone has to sit in chairs arranged in a circle. Only one person needs to be in the middle of the circle for starting the game. That person has to say a sentence that someone of the group never done before. For example, "I've never been to Europe" or "I have never had a soft toy". If the person's statement applies to someone sitting in the circle, s/he has to move from his or her chair and sit in a different seat. The person in the middle then has to try to sit down in the empty chair. One person will remain standing who will continue the game by saying a new sentence. It should be remembered that people cannot move on their immediate left/right chair.

• Truth or Dare:

A very interesting and popular game among friends. Sit in a circle and place a bottle in the middle. There will be a caller, who will rotate the bottle. You can randomly select the caller or can toss for the selection. The caller will ask a question to the person, towards whom the bottle will be directed at the end of its rotation. If that person denies answering the question then s/he will be asked for a dare (like have to dance or sing a song). Ask interesting questions which you know s/he will hesitate to answer.

• Antakshari-

A popular indoor hang out game in South-Asia. No prior preparation is needed for this game. Make two groups. Start with any song, other group has to sing a song with the ending letter.

It is very easy to come up with different indoor game plans. It is all for fun, so just try to enjoy, never get too competitive. Make your relaxing time memorable with your loved ones.

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