There are so many ways to describe Egypt: the land of pyramids, the country of Nile or world's first civilization. Any one of them is good enough to make any country in the world an attractive tourist spot. Egypt has all of them. And they are not everything about the country. It has got breathtaking deserts, the Red Sea, Mount Sinai and a city like Cairo.

The land of pyramid

Egypt is the country of pyramid. Although there are some pyramids in North America, but they are not as tall as the pyramids in Egypt. The artistic beauty of the pyramids is also notable. Even if you are not interested in any of the Egyptian facts, you must visit the country only for the pyramids. It is one of the seven major wonders of mankind and has been declared as one of the heritage sites by UNESCO.

As a bonus, you can see the items and documents from the time of the pyramids in the Egyptian museums. These museums are exceptional from the rest of the world because of their extraordinary collections. You will not find these items in any other place.

The Nile

The Nile is the proud of Egypt as well as the sorrow. It is the largest river in Africa and the responsible for the ancient civilization of the country. From the original flow, the river has been moved a lot; but it still is the most influential natural source of Egyptian environment. Taking a boat riding on the Nile would be a long lasting memory for you.

The desert

Africa has many deserts and in Egypt, you will see some of the most important ones among them. The world famous Great Sand Sea is in Egypt. Also some deserts in Egypt are competitively secure from the rest of African deserts. So with an experienced guide, you can take an amazing desert tour on a camel. If you can make it happen, you can even a night in the desert. There is nothing like this experience; although you will need a lot of precision and expert companion for that.

Red sea

It is very surprising to find a sea in the desert country. But it happens in Egypt. The Red Sea is an excellent place for scuba diving. The underwater mountains will make it more enjoyable.


Alexandria is named after Alexander the Great who came to this port city with his massive army. The city is known for its academic history. It had the world's first largest library where brilliant minds get together to study. You can still feel the old time in this antique city.


Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the most important city in the country. In this city, you will find both of the ancient cultural influence and modern world trends. The combination of both has made the city an admirable choice for the tourists from around the world.

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