Bangkok is the place where you can live up every moment of your holiday. It has got everything a tourist needs: numerous shopping malls, huge collection of delicious foods and fascinating views. It is a city of concrete and crowd, temples and spiritual leaders; and it's also a city where people are warm hearted and will help you with a smile in their face.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand; one of the most favorite tourist spots in Asia of millions of tourists around the world. Being the capital of such a country, Bangkok has everything it should have. Like most other metropolitan cities in the world, Bangkok is a city of concrete. But the best thing is there is a nice combination between the modern world and the traditional spiritual world in the ancient south Asian that you will find in everywhere. There are temples in all over the city as well as restaurants, shopping centers and beautiful sights.

Places to Go

The Baiyoke li Tower is the tallest tower in Thailand with 88 storeys. You can watch the city of Bangkok from its watch deck on the 77th floor. With a classy restaurant and bar, this is an attractive tourist spot in the city. There are some must visit places in Bangkok, like the Assumption Cathedral, Church of Santa Cruz, Democracy Monument, Sri Gurusing Sabha and Thanon Maharat.

If you are into animal watching, you must go to the Dusit Zoo and spend a day there. The Siam Ocean World is another attraction for the tourists to see the underwater life of sharks. If you want to know the spiritual life of Bangkok, visit these places: Erwan Shrine, Baan Krua, Sao Ching-Cha and Wat Pho.


Bangkok is a shopping heaven. There are about hundred different shopping places in the city where you will find from the top brand products to the cheapest products. There are many large shopping malls as well as open air markets. And the product variety is very large. You will get fashion accessories, cloths, retro products, electronics products, books, gift items and all other things you need in different price range.

Some of the major shopping centers in Bangkok are Almeta, Central World Plaza, Emporium, Pantip Plaza, Pratunam Market, and Promenade Arcade. There are also many more as there is no end of your choices. You must remember that Bangkok is one of the best places in the world to collect hand made products with highest standard artistic and creative products with a touch of spirituality.


For eating, you have a long list of choices. You must have heard about the world class local foods which may be known as Thai Food in your country. If you are in Bangkok, you must test local foods. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian foods are available; so are the sea foods. You will also get some Asian foods in the city along with some European and American foods. You will get bars and restaurants in all over the city.

According to the reports, it is totally safe to visit Bangkok now and there is no sign of the recent incident. The government is also very cautious about the safety of the visitors. So you don't have to worry about the security; just relax and try to enjoy your happy times in Bangkok. You will never get out of it in this exotic city.

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