The long-expected Air Jordan Retro 'University Blue" has finally hit the market on July 31, 2010. Long before the release of it, rumors and guess about it are in the air. The newest Air Jordan 2 Retro are rather impressive. It outstands itself with the rare Nike color schemes. Among Nike Air Jordan, there are share of blue colorways, but there is few University Blue. The current Air Jordan Retro follows a very exaggerating ways which are designed to attract eyes. The upper is made from delicate chamois leather which makes the vamp soft and elastic.

In comparison with the original Air Jordan 2 lacking of technology, the current Air Jordan is really a result of modern technology. The big blue rubber outsole not only adds attraction to its appearance but also increases its ability to grasp which is long regarded as the weak point of Air Jordan 2. Besides, Nike has also employed its traditional Air cushion technology on Air Jordan II Retro QF'University Blue'. This increases its resistance while jumping and dropping, though, it is superior to the original Air Jordan in terms of technology and colorways, and it maintains its appearance as a whole. What is more, it extends the sprit inserted in Air Jordan two to the best degree possible. This reminds of us the scene in 1985, a young man with a pair of peculiar shoes in the game were jumping, running and shooting. From him, we got to know what the basketball was. Before that nobody has ever imagined basketball could be so exciting and attractive. It is from this moment basketball has been taken as a form of art rather than just a bare competition.

Though Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA player ever, has retired from the game, the moment we see the two words "Air Jordan", we will immediately associate it with him. It seems that Air Jordan has become the incarnation of Michael Jordan. Seemingly, from Air Jordan II Retro QF 'University Blue', we see the fighting will, perseverance and dominance in Michael Jordan.

In a word, Air Jordan II Retro QF 'University Blue' will be anther classic in Air Jordan family. It bears the glory of Michael Jordan. It really deserves Jordan lover's attention for the rare, impressive color schemes and great historic significance.

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