Early unreliable methods

As far back as the time of the beginning of creation, man had always had a way of determining his location; where he is at a moment and how to get to where someone else is. The early man used maps, landmarks, verbal signals and many other methods to locate where another person or resource was located. These methods were not reliable as they got lost sometimes.

Global Positioning System

Global Positioning System, known mainly as GPS was developed to solve the problem of location. You can now own a pocket device that can help you know where exactly you are at a particular moment. No need to get lost anymore.

The GPS is a navigation system that is based on satellites located in space. It was created by the United States of America Department of Defense, originally on 24 satellites. It is made accessible to all around the world free of charge, so long as they own a device that can access the positioning service. GPS offers many advantages that were not possible with the other previously used location systems.

GPS Advantages

GPS overcomes the unreliability of previous systems. Those systems were based on landmarks and signals. In the event of the landmark being removed by a natural phenomenon such as flood, fire or earthquake, the user is sure to get lost. With the GPS, everything is just in your palm, wherever you are on earth. It is impossible to get lost!
The other advantage that the GPS has over other systems is that it is not affected by the weather. No matter what weather conditions you find yourself in, the GPS system will continually deliver signals to your handheld device.

The GPS system can also be used to locate other people or devices connected to the system. It has now become easy to locate stolen cars and other things. When your car has a GPS device onboard, you can easily locate where your stolen car is located at every moment and easily retrieve it. It can also locate lost people like children, crew on a spaceship or a lost aircraft.

The GPS system offers extensive help services. The devices come with a panic button that can be pressed by anyone in distress or in need of help. Help personnel listen to you and give you directions on what to do or they can call for help for you if need be. This service may be useful in accidents when victims can call for help.

A GPS system can also conveniently be embedded into a mobile phone, palmtop or laptop, so there is no need getting a special device. Your mobile phone can then be used to get directions to any place and help you enjoy the other advantages that GPS offers.

The GPS system has come to solve the location problems. It also conveniently changes the time on your device to the time at the time zone you are in. You do not need any special skills to be able to operate the devices. No need to know map reading, as it is so easy.

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