Movies are the souls of entertainment. Action, drama, emotions and comedy are some things, which force the viewers to glue with their seats. Hollywood is a place, which have given some of the best and the finest flicks to the world in past several years. All types of movies are made in Hollywood. With the trend, the choice of a viewer changes! There was a time, when people were keen to watch action and emotional films. Then a time came, when people started watching drama flicks, but there is one section, which is loved at every stage of entertainment and that is 'comedy'. Hollywood movies have given the best comedy actors the world and when we talk about comedy, a name strikes in our mind and that name is 'Adam Sandler'.

Adam Sandler is one of the best comedians of Hollywood. Adam is also known with the name of 'Sandman'. He mostly plays the characters of bad tempered or short fused man. He was born on 9 September, 1966 in the city of New York. He was a born comedian and started showing his talent in various clubs. He has completed his graduation from 'Tisch School of the Arts'. Being a comedy actor, he is also a screen writer, songwriter and a producer. He was the executive producer of 'The Waterboy' and 'Big daddy' whereas he worked as a writer in a small screen project 'Remote control', but Sandler have got fame as comedy actor.

Adam's real talent came in the sight, when he performed as a comedian in Boston Comedy Club. 'Smitty' in a television series 'The Cosby show' was the first character of Sandler's acting life. The show was aired in 1987, when Sandler was of twenty one years old. Smitty's role was a very short character but with his acting skills, Sandler make it very effective. After seeing Adam's talent, Dennis Miller suggested Adam to the directors of 'Saturday Night Live' (a famous show in 90s). This was the entrance door for his career.

The show was a big hit and Adam's talent was noticed by everyone. In next few years, he played several effective roles in various comedy movies. 'Billy Madison' in 1995 was the first big silver screen of Adam's acting career. After that big screen flick, Sandler did not look back and climbs the ladders of success. After that he portrayed various effective roles in numerous Hollywood films and 'The Waterboy', 'Bid Daddy' and 'Happy Gilmore' are the movies which cross the line of $100 million at box office. 'That's My Boy' is his latest flick, in which his character's name is Donny.

At present, he is working on movie 'Three mississippi', which is announced to be released in 2013. His fan can also watch his movies online as there are several websites, which offers the viewers to watch online movies. '' is a websites which has all the comic movies of Adam Sandler. The website also has several other latest and the biggest Hollywood movies.

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