I have heard about Corbett several times, my friends always discussed bout Corbett whenever they plan to trip outside town, Corbett is their first choice. Corbett national park is unquestionably an best place to have adventure, fun and relaxation at the same time.

My first trip to Corbett was in the month of September, I was very excited to reach Corbett as I have been told that by car we can reach Corbett in five to six hours from Delhi. I found it a little exhausting but on the other hand, it was adventures in a way to reach Corbett on your own basis as you can have disastrous adventuring fun while on the way to Corbett. I left home at about 6.00 am and reached Corbett at about 12.00 in noon.

On the way when we reached Ramnagar, in Corbett the feeling of being in jungle was on my mind. We have even seen the dotted dear in our way to La perle river resorts by marina holidays, in Corbett.
At the arrival, staff of la perle river resorts by marina holidays gives us the best and unmatchable gestures. We were offered arrival drinks and snacks which relieved our stress of roaming. In Corbett the jungle what would any traveler expect more then to have relaxing drinks by his hotelier? The ambience of the resort was unexpected, that was simply nice.
Corbett is very well known for its safari's. So we decided to go for the jeep safari at noon, but it's a little difficult to have confirmation of booking of jeep safari at Corbett urgently. But some how the staff of la Perle River resorts by marina holidays managed to arrange the open jeep safari for us.
After having our lunch we were called up by the jeep driver and the guide who will guide us on the way to Corbett national park interiors on our resorts steps. That was a pick up and drop arranged by the resort itself, which was highly appreciable by us.

The forest of Corbett was silent and a little wild on the other hand. It was highly expected to see any tiger or wild elephants on the way inside Corbett national park. We were fortunate that our guide managed to let us know the best knowledge of forest and we have seen most of the wild animals there.

We heard that a tigress was just passes away from the jeep next to us so we didn't see the tigress in Corbett unfortunately. After about two hours we get back to the la perle river resorts by marina holidays from bijrani gate of Jim Corbett national park.

I done video shooting very neatly in Corbett the jungle because I wanted to upload it on you tube after returning home and it would be one of the best of my shooted videos.

When we arrived at la perle river resorts after a hectic day, we were so relaxed by the peaceful and nice atmosphere at resort and we were served the good and fresh food that makes us more comfortable in an forest named Jim Corbett.

Next morning we went to Garjia Temple and Jhula Pul. The Temple was situated on the banks of river Kosi, and was very holy. We did river crossing, rap ling and slithering at the Jhula pul, which was an unmatchable experience for me.

Adventures and silence of being in Corbett was very enjoyable and one should experience the difference by staying at la perle river resorts by marina holidays, by staying there and enjoying the evenings at bank of river, with light music, snacks and drinks and what one can expect a bon fire arrangement was making the atmosphere even more romantic.
My trip to Corbett was one of the memorable trips, and stay at la perle river resorts by marina holidays was an unmatchable and the food which was mouth watering in every bit of it, staff which was helpful enough to manage all the luxuries in the forest like Jim Corbett.

I will always recommend to all to stay at la perle river resorts by marina holidays whenever they plan to trip Jim Corbett national park in India...

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