Jessica Milwood strutted down the halls of North Forsyth Middle School on February 14, only to have her heart shattered. Her boyfriend Daniel Williams was clinging onto the 8th grades biggest skank, and she was pulling him into her by the belt loops on his jeans. She didnt know what to do. So instead of kicking the skank into next week, she spun on her heels and dashed down the hall. She coul feel her icy blue eyes scorch as tears burned the back of her eyes. Her name was called thousands of times but all she could think about was getting home.

Finally she made it to her small house just a block away from Daniels. She headed to her room and threw her books onto her purple rug just in front of her full mirror. Standing in her favorite bullhead jeans and her cutest top from Pac-Sun, she tried to figure out what was wrong. She had the bluest eyes at her school and everyone cooed ober them. She had off center bangs, her hair pure blonde, and was shaped like a normal eight grader. What did Elli have that Jessica didnt? She dropped to her knees, craddling her soft cheeks in between her manicured hands. She had given everything to Daniel, she loved him, called him every night, and had him over every other weekend. Her door creaked open and her eyes watered even more as her crackhead mother stepped into the room.

"What the hell's your problem?" She interrigated while raising a bottle of whiskey to her cherry red lips. She had a lit ciggerette in her other hand and it was bothering Jess's lungs, so she coughed while answering.

"Daniel," She choked between her tears," He cheated on me.. I saw him."

"Whatever you'll find someone," Sge said unthoughtfully leaving the room. Jessica raised her eyebrows and watched her walk away. Her heart dropped into her stomach heavily. She had lost everything, she was all alone. She stood up and slinked into the kitchen. Then she saw her escape.

Her mother's pills.

She shakily walked over to the counter and scooped them into the palm of her hand. Hesitating slightly, she raised them to her mouth, swallowing them carefully. Her tears began to fall as she devoured the rest of them. She knew she had just given up her life, but she had lost everything.

Her eyes began to get blurry as the phone began to ring. Her hands shakily reached for the phone but her body slid sideways onto the tile of the kitchen floor. She tried to heave herself upward, and she made it in the knick of time.

"Hello?" She swallowed.

"Jessica she came onto me I swear. Im so sorry," Daniel cooed to her. "I love you."

She gasped out once, not knowing whether it was the pain of her shattered heart or the overdose of drugs, but she managed to say one thing,"I love you, but your too late."

"Jessica what do you mean? Jessie say something!" He called frantically.

The phone line was cut off and Daniel screamed. He raced out if his house and sprinted down the block. He barged straight through her front door, his massive,bulky body breaking the door down. His fudge brown eyes fell upon his worst nightnare.

Jessica lay cold on the floor, her chest not rising and falling. Her body didnt move, she didnt smile, she wasnt there. Daniel dropped down beside her, carefully picking up her fragile corpse and clutching her against his chest. Her cried into her blonde hair, rocking and gasping. She was gone and it was because he let Elli come onto him. Now he had lost hia best friend, his soul mate.

Furious, he picked up a butchers knife and kissed Jessica's lips once before driving the knife through his windpipe. He fell over onto the kitchen tile, his blood pooling beneath them. And just like that, two lives of two young people are lost...

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