Marriage is a huge step in the life of a person, and we take this step after a careful forethought and after making sure that we are ready for the commitment and are up to facing the challenges of a married life. Even then, most of us fail to find the perfect life which we hoped for before getting married and settling down.

When it comes to a successful marriage, people often say that it takes the time and effort of both the partners to make the marriage work. This is however easier said than done. There are a lot of things that affect the married life of a couple but the most important is the intimacy in marriage, without which it is very difficult to lead a happy married life.

If a couple does not have intimacy, they have no relationship at all. Couple intimacy means being able to share all the details with your better half, no matter how troubling or embarrassing they might be. If you are not able to share every detail with your partner, sooner than later, your sex life comes to a complete halt, and the marriage becomes a burden rather than a source of comfort.

Every couple wants to have intimacy in marriage but having no idea how to achieve it, most of them are faced with failure and as a result they get frustrated and depressed. Lack of intimacy leads to increase in quarrels and disagreements between the two partners. Lack of couple intimacy can ultimately destroy a marriage by creating misunderstandings.

If you are facing lack of intimacy in your marriage and are at a point when all hope seems to be lost, do not despair as yet. While it is true that having no or small intimacy in marriage can be disastrous for the married couple, we cannot say that it cannot be saved. You can easily revive the intimacy level between you and your partner by working on your marriage and the interpersonal relationship.

First of all, you need to realize that you are not the only couple facing intimacy issues, as surveys indicate that a high percentage of couples are suffering from intimacy issues, which has eventually led them to seek help from professionals or get separated if they fail to make the marriage work at all.

While it is true that a sexual relationship is not the sole basis of a marriage based purely on love and commitment, it is also true that the utter lack or absence of sex from your life can lead to increasing the differences between the partners.

The most important factor in making a marriage work is to make sure that you have kept the doors of communication open and that you talk about everything and anything that is causing trouble between you and your partner. Couple intimacy is all about sharing and talking about what you like and dislike. You have to be aware of what your partner wants from you and what things are troubling him or her. Talking about it can open the doors to intimacy and married bliss for you if you give it your best shot.

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Stop hesitating.. Where there is a lack of romance, sex, and intimacy, there is a marriage in trouble

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