The 2010 world cup as been upseting, thrilling, pretty much any emotion you can think of. USA was knocked out of the world cup in the round of 16 (thats who I was pulling for). Other favorites that was expected to win, that has already lost or did not even make it to the knockout stage, Italy, France, Portugal, Mexico, England, Chile, and Brazil. The first game of the quarterfinals as just ended, the Netherlands defeated Brazil.

The other matches in the quarterfinals are Uruguay vs. Ghana, Argentina vs. Germany, and Paraguay vs. Spain. The referees in this tournament are not making the best calls in my opinion. They have called fouls when there was none and there was one play were England kicks the ball it bounced off the crossbar and goes in but the referee did not see it. Another one was where Argentina scored a goal vs. Mexico that was offsides. But overall the world cup has been interesting. I have been a soccer fan most of my life and I really enjoy watching the world cup on TV. I love to see the tradition of all the countries and just the tradition of soccer itself. They are very big on sportsmanship.

One of their biggest campaigns is "say no to racism". Soccer is the most famous sport in the world. The world cup is seen and enjoyed in every country. World cup soccer is the most exciting soccer their is. I know some people that just watch the world cup and not any other soccer. Some people say soccer is boring but I think it is fun and exciting. Ghana is tied with Uruguay at the start of extra time. If it is still tied after extra time then they go to penalty kicks. If the rest of the game is anything like it has been then it should be a very exciting finish

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