A land of exploration is Papua New Guinea where you can enjoy awe-inspiring sights as you absorb yourself in a truly unique culture not found anywhere else in the world. Over eight hundred fifty different tribes live in this country with a rich way of life with around eight hundred languages. If you want to first-handedly experience their cultures, and then better involve yourself in this way than by going on a Papua New Guinea expedition cruise.

With the fantastic offers of Papua New Guinea Tours, you will experience the wonders of the country via its ethnic cultures, unexplained rainforests, gigantic reefs, and magnificent volcanic islands Engaging in a Papua New Guinea expedition is highly recommended if you want to see wonderful sceneries and discoveries. Definitely an unforgettable experience, you will not regret that you dared to go through this adventure.

These cruise ships are exclusively used for enjoyment and exploration which are lavishly offered by many tours specialists for a voyage to Papua New Guinea. A Papua New Guinea expedition cruise lasts from 10 to 15 days depending on your itinerary, place of entry, and point of destination. Through the eastern Papua New Guinea coastline is where the arranged cruises usually sail through traveling to and from Cairns and Rabaul stopping at several islands along the way.

A Papua New Guinea tour would give you the pleasure to try new things and would let you experience a fun-filled adventure. You can involve yourself in their culture as well as fish, drive, trek, surf and bird watch. As you visit the country's following destinations, you will definitely take part on all these activities but it still is dependent on the direction of your Papua New Guinea expedition.

Once you step foot on Fergusson and Dobu Island, tribal canoes will welcome you which is why perhaps that is the highlight of the Papua New Guinea Exploration tour. There, unique tribes who passionately embrace their culture and heritage will meet you and you will be awed with their traditional tribal dance performance. In the place that you will be taken to called Dei Dei hot water and mud springs, a lot of mythical and spiritual stories will be told.

The divers of Papua New Guinea Exploration will have one heck of an awesome time in the Madang diving site that lies on a peninsula surrounded by beautiful islands. Definitely is considered an incomparable underwater paradise, this historic spot is now the home of millions of spectacular species which used to be the location of World War II shipwreck artifacts. An experience different from others is having the chance to go diving in Papua New Guinea that is why whenever you stop by Mandang, make sure that you go diving, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming.

Your Papua New Guinea Expedition is incomplete without one of the greatest river systems in the world which is the grand Sepik River. There are tribes who have lived and settled there who maintain the tradition of wood carving. Throughout the night after you have docked, you will be amazed by the sights and hear flying foxes soaring above.

The Sepik River also provides an exceptional chance for bird aficionados to relish bird watching. The cruise down the Sepik River will lead you to unique species of birds such as Spotted Blu-eyed Cockatoos and the Blyths hornbills. A once in a lifetime experience which is also a memorable one is this.

You definitely have to go to the Crown Island on the Papua New Guinea tour. In this island, you will see great mighty lizards and unique turtles. Crown Island has great beaches which you could trek to and relax to.

The marvels seen and experienced in a Papua New Guinea expedition never fail to leave visitors astonished in its beauty. The warm and passionate people in this place as well as the place's natural surroundings attract the visitors as they ride on this unique cruise. A journey filled with discoveries and mysteries is this immaculate paradise called Papua New Guinea.

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